14, Beijing, at the beginning of the afternoon of 4 will be more crowded crowded scenic spots – Chin baxia

Beijing on the afternoon of 14 4 points to more serious congestion spots concentrated area – Beijing in September 15th for the Mid Autumn Festival, affected by factors such as family travel, traffic pressure will increase, the city in northern and western tourist attractions intensive regional congestion will be more serious, on the afternoon of 14 4 points into the state of congestion. In Beijing, Jingshan Hill Park, Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, the Summer Palace, China Garden Museum has released 5 best place to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, bus group will increase in the vehicle along the line, the protection of public travel sightseeing. The day before the mid autumn festival began at 4 p.m. congestion along with the Mid Autumn Festival holiday approaching, is expected to travel before the city road traffic demand will increase significantly. City Traffic Commission predicted that September 14th morning peak travel for 7 points to 10 points, commuting peak from 7:30 to 8:30 network will continue to serious congestion, road congestion loop is East, West Second Ring Road, East, West Sanhuan, East, West Fourth Ring Road South to North direction. Radiation, focus on the direction of Beijing high-speed road congestion in the Beijing Tibet expressway, airport expressway, Yaojieyuan Road, Chaoyang Road, Chaoyang Road, Beijing Road, beijing. It is understood that the evening of 14, the peak start time will be ahead of the road around 16 points into the congestion state, is expected to 16:30 to 18:30 road network will continue serious congestion for two hours. The focus of the business district and the surrounding Catering vehicle travel is more concentrated, Rudong, Xizhimen, CBD, gate of Financial Street and Zhongguancun and other regions, in the East, the West Second Ring Road North to south, East and West Sanhuan north to south direction, North Sanhuan, North Fourth Ring Road West to East direction to avoid the congestion is prominent, suggest the Road West Street, Xueyuan Road, Chaoyang Road North contact line from Beijing direction will also appear more cars. In addition, the western, northern tourist attractions intensive regional congestion situation will be more serious. Huairou Yanqi lake, trout ditch, Labagoumen virgin Forest Park, Miyun District, Gubei Town, Fangshan District Shidu scenic area, Mentougou District, Beijing G109 pull along the scenic hot area is expected to appear obvious traffic concentration phenomenon. The best moon point bus will increase the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Beijing issued the Jingshan Hill Park, Zhongshan Park, Beihai Park, the Summer Palace, China Garden Museum 5 best place to celebrate the mid autumn festival. Beijing public transport group, in order to facilitate the public to celebrate, passing through these areas of the 103 Road, 5 road, 685 Road, 331 Road, 508 Road, 55 Road, 1 road, special 99 road and other key lines will enable the Mid Autumn Festival holiday schedule, with concentration between 20:00 to 22:00 late two peak capacity, to meet the passengers along the concentration of travel demand. During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Deshengmen bus group will increase by 877 bus directly to the the Badaling Great Wall, more than usual 60 additional trips. Meanwhile, the Badaling tourism line in September 15th with 30 cars, in September 16th with the car in the 50, in September 17th with the car of the 10, to protect the public travel. Subway passenger traffic will increase by 3% in addition, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing subway company, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday travel and leisure passenger flow is expected in September 14th, in September?相关的主题文章: