16 year old boy suspected of talking in class classroom noisy classroom drinking water poisoning isobuster

16 year old boy too noisy classroom talk in class in the water dispenser poison the original title: too noisy talk in class 16 year olds in the water dispenser poisoning because of dissatisfaction with the students noisy bother their learning, 16 year old Zhou will buy poison public drinking fountains in the classroom, but fortunately no casualties. Recently, the Chongqing court in Rongchang put together a case of dangerous substances, the defendant Zhou was sentenced to 1 years. According to reports, the defendant Zhou 16 years old this year, is a school student. Because of the students in class, such as the behavior of the impact of his study, Zhou and thus produce dissatisfaction, so gave birth to the idea of poisoning others by putting poison in the classroom public drinking fountains. The afternoon of April 24, 2016, a week from Grandpa home carrying a chlorpyrifos pesticide pesticide on the desk will come to the school, 402 classes. 7 April 26th morning, Zhou while people unprepared, will the public drinking water machine put into the classroom in pesticide. In the morning, the students received Tang in the drinking water machine that the water is milky white, with a pungent odor, suspected toxic, then report the monitor and the teacher, then the students will be drinking water machine moved to the teacher’s office, the school immediately to the police. After receiving the alarm, the police involved in the investigation. Police arrested the suspect Zhou in the school. A week after appearing in court truthfully confessed the crime. Chongqing Rongchang court held that the defendant Zhou knowingly put on public drinking machine pesticides are in the classroom, did not cause serious consequences, but harm the public security, the constitutive elements of the crime of throwing dangerous substance. In view of the Zhou at the time of the crime under the age of 18, is a minor crime, and in a week when the crime belongs to the limited capacity for criminal responsibility, after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, according to law should reduce the punishment. Zhou court guilty of committing dangerous substances, sentenced to 1 years. According to "Chongqing times" editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: