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2 have internal magazine by China pterosaur UAV is the largest in the history of the eleventh order Chinese international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition opened in Zhuhai in November 1st, in addition to the majority of Chinese people looking forward to the f -20 provides an excellent flight performance, a variety of advanced military debut UAV attention soldiers and civilians who also played a leading global network of military. Design and Study on the Chengdu channel reporter aircraft AVIC deputy chief designer Dai Chuan and Li Yidong had an exclusive interview, please them in UAV China and future reviews. As the aircraft industry star UAV UAV is pterosaur products, soldiers and civilians were "old friend", according to chief engineer Li Yidong, pterosaur UAV has formed a series of models, including -1 pterosaur UAV has batch delivery a number of domestic and foreign users, and has gone through the ordeal of combat. According to reports, the pterosaur -1 UAV has participated in many combat in foreign countries, has accumulated tens of thousands of hours of flight hours, launch live thousands of pieces, it can be said that the use intensity is very large, for example, some foreign users in an emergency situation, dispatched 3 aircraft pterosaur -1 UAV of a certain area for completion 7 days of uninterrupted control task, which fully demonstrates the reliability, pterosaurs -1 UAV continued sortie ability and the level of protection. On the basis of pterosaur -1, Chengdu also developed pterosaur -1D UAV, the UAV has an all composite fuselage, upgrading the engine, the design has been completed, is expected next year the first flight. The chief engineer Li Yidong said, one of the highlights of the Zhuhai air show is the first real machine appearance of the pterosaur -2 UAV, pterosaurs -1 UAV, pterosaurs to enhance the performance of -2 is very large, domestic engine body, including more comprehensive expansion, thrust aerodynamic layout optimization, improve the ceiling, speed and endurance performance that can adapt to more complex environments. Pterosaur -2 UAV payload upgrade is also very obvious, portable electronic device also increases the detection precision and distance has been greatly improved, and the combined use of loading machine has been able to achieve photoelectric pod and synthetic aperture radar at the same time. Specifically, you can use the radar for a wide range of search, to find the target ball guide photoelectric confirmation, greatly improving the environment in complex search capabilities, pterosaur -2 also has the internal bomb bay, the load is about 200 kg, can carry the CCD camera, communication equipment, electronic warfare reconnaissance equipment task load. As a main military UAV, pterosaurs combat capability -2 is second to none, the weapons load compared with 6 -1 pterosaur is greatly improved and the plug-in points, can carry about 480 kilograms of weapons and ammunition, including a variety of precision guided munitions, air and sea and missile strike capability in land etc. similar products in the rise above the common herd. According to reports, the current -2 prototype is pterosaur flight, and have obtained overseas orders, are working overtime in accordance with the contract delivery to the user, it is worth noting that Li Yidong chief engineer said pterosaur -2 UAV orders obtained is Chinese protection without amount history man-machine industry biggest orders.相关的主题文章: