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3 Critical First Steps For How to Become a Life Coach If you watched the 20 Questions Video series on the Coachs First Year blog, you should have a pretty good idea of the things successful coaches do well. You should also have a good idea of the steps that unsuccessful coaches typically do poorly. Here are three steps you can take today to help you get coaching clients. 1. A Clear Statement of Describing The Transformation You Help Your Coaching Clients Achieve Most coaches skip this step but the ones that do it, are usually too vague. Some will say they help their clients achieve a more fulfilled life or more satisfaction but those are much too vague. To get specific, think about your clients current state, their desired state, and the gap. Heres an example of the transformation I offer my clients: Current State: New coaches are stuck by the overwhelm of internet technology and marketing. Desired State: They want to spend their time coaching a steady flow of new clients. Gap: They need a clear path. They want to know the exact steps they need to follow to get a steady stream of coaching clients signing up for their coaching programs. Putting it all together: I help new coaches go from the point of being overwhelmed and stuck by all the noise of internet technology and marketing, to the point where theyre focused on confidentially coaching a steady flow of clients. Im able to help them achieve this by creating a strategic marketing path with easy step-by-step instructions that show them EXACTLY what to do at EVERY step of the way. 2. A Clear Target Market Instead of I help women or I help couples, go at least 3 levels deeper. Heres my example: Level 1: I help coaches Level 2: I help new coaches who make less than $75,000 in coaching fees each year Level 3+: I help new coaches (mostly women in their 40s) who make under $75,000 and who genuinely want to help people but get stuck by all the overwhelming non-coaching steps that are required if you want to get a full list of coaching clients. My ideal client has no desire to sell their services. They would much rather have clients come to them requesting to enroll in a coaching program. As you can see, when youre 3+ levels deep, youre speaking to a much more specific audience that is much more likely to be receptive to your message. 3. Decide to Focus On a Clear and Specific Coaching Niche. Instead of saying I help women in transition youll attract clients much easier if you get much more specific. Like: I help first-time mothers who want to transition out of the workforce and become focused stay-at-home mothers I went through a several different versions of my coaching niche before I settled on: I help new coaches avoid the overwhelm thats almost always caused by all the non-coaching aspects of becoming a coach, like marketing, setting up a website, internet technology, blogging and social media so they can easily attract a steady stream of coaching clients Now its Your Turn Go through the exercises above for your coaching practice. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions, just add them to the comments below. Ill gladly help you out! If you want help transforming this into a cohesive coach marketing strategy, just visit the link in the resources box of this post. I look forward to helping you impact hundreds of lives through your coaching! About the Author: http://coachsfirstyear.com/ Coach’s First Year is the one resource that’s dedicated to navigating you through your first year as a coach. By putting it all together in an easy to follow, step-by-step process we’re able to help coaches spend more time coaching and less time struggling to get clients. Article Published On: http://www.articlesnatch.com – Coaching 相关的主题文章: