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UnCategorized The best outdoor grill recipes are recipes that you should know by heart. It should also be the recipes you have already tasted. The best outdoor grill recipes should be recipes most people are familiar with. 1. Beer can chicken – This is one of the best outdoor grill recipes. The key ingredient is the can of beer which gives the meat more flavors. The preparation time for this dish is fifteen minutes and the cooking time is one hour and a half. Ingredients: 1. one can of beer 2. four pounds of chicken 3. two tablespoons of seasonings Cooking Procedure: 1. Take out the giblets from the chicken and rinse it well. Rub the seasonings in the inside and outside the chicken. Rinse the can of beer with water and let it dry. Open it and punch a couple of holes. Put the chicken in a bowl and pour the beer on it while leaving one fourth of the contents inside the can. 2. Put the chicken in an upright position and put the can of the beer inside the chicken’s body opening. Pull its legs so the chicken can stand up. Tucking the ends of the wings behind the back of the chicken will also help it to stand up. 3. Before grilling make the chicken stand in the middle of the grill with the drip pan underneath it. You can also make the legs of the chicken as support so that it can stand up. Put the covering of the grill until the chicken’s skin becomes brown and crispy. You can use a thermometer for chicken which you can insert in the thigh to check if it is done. It already cooked when the thermometer reads one hundred eighty degrees Fahrenheit. 4. You can transfer the chicken from the grill to your plate by using tongs. Put the chicken in a plate and let it stand for five minutes. Take the can of beer out of the chicken and be very careful because the beer is hot. The last procedure is carving the chicken. 2. Classic Burger Recipe – Another dish that has one of the best outdoor grill recipes is the classic burger. Ingredients: 1. one pound of grounded beef 2. one teaspoon of Worcestershire 3. two teaspoons of water 4. one half teaspoon of salt 5. one half teaspoon of onion powder 6. one eight teaspoon of pepper 7. four buns for sandwiches Cooking Procedure: Blend all the ingredients except for the buns in one bowl. Form the burger patties then grill them for fifteen minutes until they become golden brown. Make sure that the temperature of each patty is one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit. You can also toast the buns first before putting the patties in them. Serve the burgers with cheese, pickles, ketchup and Dijon mustard. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: