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If you’ve done any research on increasing your profits, you’ve probably come across the standard and dependable tips of the trade. But, if you are looking for surprising and unusual ways to UP your candy sales, KEEP READING! These TOP TIPS will get you to start thinking outside the box. After reading this article and implementing these unusual tips, you’ll need to buckle up as your candy sales start picking up speed. Speaking of speeding… IMAGINE driving on the highway when all of a sudden a gray car passes you by on the left hand side. Happens a lot; doesn’t usually draw much attention. Now visualize that same highway, but this time a bright red viper FLIES past you on the right. WHOA! Now that’d catch your eye! Tip #1 – Choose VIBRANT colors for your vending machines! Either purchase lively colored vending machines or paint the ones you already have. (Make sure to clean your machine first and use a safe paint selection.) It is well known in the vending machine business that you MUST cater to your target patrons based on each location. And, which crowd WINS the prize for the World’s LARGEST Candy Consumers? You guessed it! KIDS!!! BUT, there is usually a middle man, or shall I say woman, when it comes to getting their business. Never underestimate the POWER of selling to mom! What simple tip will help you reach your NEW target audience? Keep it clean! Wait a minute; I thought these were supposed to be unusual ideas for upping my candy machine sales!!! Not so fast there! You’re almost as fast as that bright red viper! Please allow me to explain. But before I do, let me ask you another question. What battle does a mom fight everyday? No, not the battle of the bulge – we’re working against that one here…The battle of the messes. What does that have to do with my vending business? I’m glad you asked because now I think you are ready for: Tip #2 – Add something unexpected to your machine. Affix a small cup holder to the outside. Choose the cheap cone cups to save $$$. This will attract a mom whose little one can’t manage all those candy pieces without making a mess. Or, Give cautious moms piece of mind by hanging a bottle of germ killer to the side of your machine. Snacking with clean hands definitely scores brownie points, especially when mom considers the many hands that have turned that dial. Although it is a slightly more costly way to go, if it is used in the right location, it just might be your ticket to success! Have you ever run into a friend and knew there was something different about him, but you just couldn’t put your finger on it? That’s the idea behind this tip. Tip #3 – Find a new location within your location. Of course you’ll need to get the proper approval, but even alternating monthly between two HOT spots will keep even your least selling vending machines from become camouflaged in the store’s décor. Remember: Speed into success with flashy colors, think clean, and keep it MOVING! These GREAT ideas can help get you started thinking outside the box, or shall I say, outside the machine! About the Author: By: Chintan Shah – Nita Ambani was the driving force behind Anant Ambani’s drastic transformation and incredible weight loss. By: Ranjan kumar – Language Consultancy Services is a Professional translation services company providing general and technical document translation, Voice Over Services, Translation Services, Languages Translation Services. By: smartweb – The voice over services online provided by National Voice Talent, Tony Pasquale. Check out a few demos here or head over to the demo page. By: smartweb – The voice over services online provided by National Voice Talent, Tony Pasquale. 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