South Korean public opinion called for the downgrade of the north will be sentenced to bribery refer 瀬名アスカ

South Korean media called for North downgrade will be sentenced on suspicion of bribery referee – Sohu sports Korean media screenshot Beijing on September 21st news, now in South Korea K league with 30 wheel unbeaten Jeonbuk Hyundai show the domineering king and deep criticism of public opinion can not prolapse. The scandal in June this year exposed the Scout C a suspected bribery referee to the North has evaporated, the case after the three trial, the current South Korean prosecutors have to court for a sentence of 1 years, "I hope the North was relegated to the K2 League" has become the mainstream voice of public opinion. C denied in a court trial to the referee A, a B to send money in order to allow the whole North in the game to benefit. But a referee but that he proposed unfair request. On the purpose of giving money, three people do not agree. C insist that this is a personal behavior, and the North has nothing to do. But as a staff of the north, his behavior is very difficult to make the whole North club fromliability. South Korea Football Association (KFA) will be punished for what the North has attracted attention at home and abroad. KFA plans to hold the first punishment committee in July, announced specific penalties for the north. In order not to affect the whole northern expedition AFC Champions League, KFA decided in August 23rd to the north after the port of Shanghai AFC Champions League 14 final first leg, and held a commission. But the extension of two degrees and the time of the Commission, "KFA decided to publish the contents of the penalty in the final four decided after the end of September AFC Champions League." North to port 5-0 to win the Super League, with a total score of 5-0 AFC Champions League four scenery promotion. It also makes recently because of South Korea’s foot in 2018 Russia World Cup Asian zone 12 finals and poor performance of much public pressure KFA sigh, but the North Korean football competition face also makes KFA more in a bribery scandal in a nice hobble scout. "South Korean political and economic news" comments, many people hope that KFA can "the north north face relegation to the League K2." South Korea’s famous football critics claim: the whole North suffered a downgrade of the punishment is imperative." He pointed out that although the KFA concerns the whole north is the best team in the K League at the box office, it is precisely because of the most prestigious club made so difficult to shield the error, KFA should decisively to bribe the referee. Bad habits, to all people a warning, or other teams would be unfair to think, even illegal to follow suit behavior practice — North of scouting and other related personnel to tolerance, indulgent attitude." In the media to do public opinion survey, about 55% of Internet users to support the decision to downgrade KFA. Many people said: "for the long-term development of the K League, it is necessary to completely liquidate these vices", "must be treated equally, even if it is wrong to champion team. If it is only a buckle League and pay money to punish him, all of this is a North team can not play neither painful nor itching, warning role." But there are some people think that if the whole North was downgraded for the K box office and the image is a heavy blow: this blow is fatal, K League is likely to recover in a short time." KFA said that the punishment for the North need to court such a decision on C相关的主题文章: