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Xiong Delong: "augmented" grew up reciting words of wisdom Indonesia Beijing leaders – Xiong Delong’s office, on the wall hangs a picture of historic photos, including his photo with Indonesia, and the United States multinational leaders. And in the most prominent position, is Xiong Delong’s adoptive parents bear, such as light and Huang Fengjiao photos. "This is my parents, I put them in the most important position." Pointing to the picture, in April 2016 by the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism – tourism China Indonesia formally appointed as goodwill ambassador Xiong Delong told the "China news weekly": "although I have no Chinese ancestry, but I have a one hundred percent Chinese heart, Hakka feeling one hundred percent a cavity." As a famous overseas Chinese overseas Chinese, Xiong Delong hopes the about ten million Indonesian Chinese and Indonesia become Chinese bridge and friendly ties, continue to boost the development of Chinese and Indonesia. "I love China, I love to live with me." He said. In April 28th, the Indonesian Ministry of tourism held in Jakarta National Tourism coordination meeting, the appointment of Indonesia "International Daily" Chairman Xiong Delong (right) as ambassador to Indonesia – Chinese goodwill tourism. Indonesia Tourism Minister Arif (left) to Xiong Delong issued a goodwill ambassador certificate and souvenir. Figure | in new from love to love was born on 1947 in Indonesia’s Xiong Delong is a half abandoned, two were in Indonesia, Huang Fengjiao and his wife bear as pale. "My parents are from Meizhou, Hakka people, their industriousness and stamina simple and kind-hearted, deep impact on me." Xiong Delong to the China News Weekly recalls. When I was young, my father taught him to recite the "augmented" kind and often told, "better than distant neighbors" people respect my foot, I respect a "ten" at home by their parents, go out on a friend "and so on. As long as the relatives meet with difficulties, parents always to help, always put the hard earned money to send back to his hometown in Meizhou to honor the elderly. A year near the end of the year, there is no money at home, the mother pulls out only the bracelet pawn, sending money to the Meizhou countryside grandparents new year. Sitting in a shabby tricycle, the mother stroked the head of Xiong Delong said: "my son, is again no poor, also cannot forget our ancestors!" To see their parents hard, Xiong Delong at the age of 16 to work early to take on family responsibilities. He was a child’s wish is to allow parents to live a happy old age. "I did it." He said. At the age of 30, he moved to Hongkong, 40 years old, he went to the United states. The shuttle in Indonesia, China and between the United States, Xiong Delong absorbed a lot of western culture and customs, the Chinese culture as the basis, combined with some western advanced management methods and techniques, to create a Xiongshi group. Today, the group has more than and 100 companies worldwide. Although the childhood life is hard, but the parents loved by Xiong Delong. When I was young, my mother often took Xiong Delong in his arms, he sang Hakka folk songs. My mother is seriously ill on his deathbed, Xiong Delong waited at the side of the mother, gently brush her hair, while also a song sing Hakka folk songs to listen to her. In order to repay the upbringing of adoptive parents, Xiong Delong.相关的主题文章: