Visitors to Jeju Island refused entry Chinese Consulate General in Jeju (video) 海思k3v2

Visitors to Jeju Island refused entry? Chinese Consulate General in Jeju responded: during the hundred Chinese exclusive video tour of Jeju Island was "black house" golden week, hundreds of tourists travel to Jeju Island China was refused entry into the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju said it is working with the Jeju Island customs entry and exit the core reasons. China Consulate General in Jeju, said the officer, refused entry to the situation for a variety of reasons, although the Jeju Island area belongs to the visa, but does not mean that smoothly random immigration, immigration officers must provide valid passport, valid itinerary and real accommodation information can enter the information provided above when there is a problem Jeju customs can be refused entry, including Yishanbuzheng can be refused entry to the cause. It is understood that this is also the case before being denied entry occurs during the golden week in China to more than 200 thousand people in South Korea, where visitors to Jeju Island on up to more than 70 thousand. Recently, the continuous occurrence of a number of Chinese tourists from Jeju Island to kill the vicious criminal cases, Jeju Island, South Korea to strengthen Customs clearance management. The Chinese Consulate General in Jeju said it would go all out to protect the legitimate rights and interests of those detained. (CCTV news client)相关的主题文章: