Mid Autumn Festival this year than last year, as early as the 12 day of the Chinese people have a mi 霍金hawking

Mid Autumn Festival this year than last year, as early as the 12 day of the Chinese people over the Mid Autumn Festival is a reunion – Xinhua news agency, Tianjin, September (reporter Zhou Runjian) on September 15th will usher in the mid autumn festival. The attentive public found that last year’s Mid Autumn Festival in September 27th in the Gregorian calendar, which means that this year’s Mid Autumn Festival 12 days earlier than last year. The mid autumn festival every year on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, date of the Gregorian calendar in September 27th last year, the year of the Gregorian calendar date is September 15th, the date of the Gregorian calendar in October 4th next year. The same is the Mid Autumn Festival, why the Gregorian date will be worse so many days? "The Mid Autumn Festival, from September 7th to October 6th in the Gregorian calendar every day may, therefore," the first Mid Autumn Festival "and" late autumn festival "in a month." Astronomy education experts, Tianjin astronomical society director Zhao Zhiheng explained that the date for the Lunar New Year and the corresponding Gregorian year, our country has adopted the "run" 7 19 years, namely in the 19 lunar new year, the provisions of 12 year and 12 months of the year; the other 7 years an annual increase of 1 months. Into 13 months, the monthly increase was called "leap". "But the" leap ‘which, according to the relevant laws of the 24 solar term to decide." Astronomy experts said, because China’s ingenious arrangement of calendar "leap month", the annual Mid Autumn Festival of the Gregorian calendar days, always either ahead of time about 11 days, or 19 days later. Not only the Mid Autumn Festival, a fixed day lunar new year, there will be a similar swing in the Gregorian calendar. It is understood that the Mid Autumn Festival, also known as the reunion festival, is China’s second largest after the Spring Festival, has been more than a thousand years of history. It originated with the ancient festival, worship has a direct relation to the moon, Wu Gang, osmanthus, rabbit and other fairy tale, and the moon worship custom to add some beautiful charm for the holiday. "The sky moon, earth reunion." Moon cake mold collectors, Tianjin Academy of Social Sciences Professor Wang Laihua said that Chinese people have a mid autumn festival reunion. The Mid Autumn Festival reunion is the everlasting theme, but also the Chinese nation is one of the most strong feelings, on behalf of all the children of the Yellow Emperor’s infinite love for life and yearning for a better life.相关的主题文章: