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"False merchants" being punished unfinished asked: achievement thirst – Sohu review newspaper commentator Chinese the people’s Bank of China Anti Money Laundering Monitoring Center found that from January 2012 to January 2013, Jiangsu, Huaian and the surrounding area of more than 20, a large number of foreign exchange frequent abnormal settlement, which the police uncovered involving nearly 3 billion yuan of "investment fraud". In 2015, Huang Lanying and other 7 investment broker was sentenced to imprisonment, of which 5 people appeal. Recently, Jiangsu city court hearing the case will be the second instance of the case of Huaian. Here the "investment fraud", refers to the local government in Huaian from Hong Kong and Macao SAR merchant’s identity, registered pure shell company, "borrowed from the agency there, after the injection of foreign capital", then pay in the name of project, equipment of the funds to turn back. In accordance with the agreement, each completed in this way, investment $1 million, intermediaries can be charged from 125 thousand to 180 thousand yuan as a commission. Some grassroots governments have also been issued to the agency issued a letter of commitment. Such "investment fraud" and form a complete chain of interest, shocking. In recent years, various techniques of "investment fraud" staged in the country, and even become common in some places. Some time ago, "people’s Daily" reported the phenomenon of repeated signing a number of provinces and cities "investment show", which is also a typical "investment fraud" — from the general merchants task decomposition to the provincial level, municipal level and then down to various departments, each department to complete the task difficulty, the idea hit repeatedly signing up in this regard, enterprises offer is reluctant, but also do not want to offend people, but to run back and forth. There will be a piece of investment in the west to piece together the results of the contract, so that all sectors of the economy throughout the country to invest, regardless of whether the project can finally landed, the first invitation to sign the contract. Some units in order to complete the task, to find counterparts in other provinces for help, please people organize the exhibitors "contract", the other with such needs, the local will fully cooperate with, both sides tacitly signing "praise"…… Fundamentally speaking, the "investment fraud refraction is some local officials’ achievement thirst". Driven by the concept of a one-sided view, attracted the business attracted a top priority, all around the investment transfer, in the final analysis is around their achievements turn. Those who suffer from severe thirst achievements of the place, it is difficult to become an ideal place for investment in it, but a drag on local economic development and harass the people and waste money, therefore, many officials to defy the law, destroy themselves, but also destroy the image of local government. This time, Jiangsu Huaian local government officials have been punished for "investment fraud", several intermediary personnel sentenced to punishment, punish illegal behavior of investment reflects the determination and efforts worthy of recognition. At the same time, the investigation of the investigation and governance logic behind it, but also need to do further questioning and exploration. Some grass-roots government "Huaian investment fraud" is investigated, not the found clues in the daily inspection or investigation, but the central bank anti money laundering monitoring center "with" a clue, "investment fraud" from the criminal conspiracy has been unmasked..相关的主题文章: