Love rock Buzz born for love paintings should go or stay in Beijing 嘿嘿taxi

"Love rock" Buzz: born for love paintings should go or stay – Beijing "lovestruck woman as" subsequent Rock Tour pal express emotion and the pictures should go or stay "love rock" hot lead, the netizen thinks: approach is wrong, love moving. Want to keep the expert: it is recommended to conduct a comprehensive assessment of whether to stay with minimum damage the original landscape considerations for the beloved man to love, Taizhou girl Lingling tour pal climb the cliff, spent more than 2 months time, the man in the picture painted Shenxianju scenic cliffs. Scenic staff after the discovery and Lingling of communication, she said that as soon as possible to the rock paintings off (see A11 newspaper September 27th Edition). These two days, this incident sparked heated debate on the internet. Many netizens think, Lingling practice although wrong, but the truth is moving, hope this rock paintings can be retained. Qianjiang Evening News reporter learned yesterday, Xianju relevant departments are to discuss the fate of rock paintings. – users to discuss many users feel the truth and moving support the retention of a poll on a rock, WeChat launched, Qianjiang Evening News reporter noted that 83% of users support the retention of the rock paintings ", 17% of the users that should be clear" or "no". The retention of users "big leather": paintings have technical content, a story can be developed as a scene in Xianju. A scenic spot, will be more attractive. The removal of netizen "rain": whether the attractions are not developed, it belongs to the public, so the graffiti is vandalism, it should clear. In addition to enthusiastic discussion of friends, this incident has caused some concern in Taizhou. There are still leadership circle of friends post asked: the huge head, so stay or not to stay? Listen to everyone’s opinions. – actress also wants to keep the party in response to rock the local tourism sector will be discussed yesterday, the evening news reporter tried to contact the female tour pal Ling Ling painting (a pseudonym) painting and actor Chen Kang (a pseudonym), but the two sides are not willing to accept the interview. The reporter was informed that at present, Lingling people in foreign countries, for her when she was going to go to clean up the rock, outsiders can make nothing of it. The reporter contacted bestie Xiaoya Ling Ling, Ling Ling learned that my attitude to the painting by her. "The painting is a great deal of work, so if she can, she still wants it to be preserved." Xianju County Tourism Commission deputy director Chen Zhiyong told the evening news reporter yesterday, they also paid attention to the online voice. The local authorities are going to hold a meeting to discuss the next step. "At that time with Lingling communication, understand the sequence of events, we also talked about the protection of the natural landscape to give her the truth. She also listened in, the attitude is also very good, and promised to us, will come as soon as possible to clean up the picture." Director Chen said, because of the special position of rock paintings, rock climbing, rappelling through to reach the current node without related professionals. If you want to clean up the rock paintings, such as the need to come back lingling. The experts in building相关的主题文章: