Hilary canceled due to illness, said Trump had no physical strength when the president carmex润唇膏

Hilary Trump said it did not cancel the event due to physical illness when the president original title: Hilary Trump said it did not cancel California strength when the President International Online Zhuangao: according to the U.S. "Washington Post" reported on September 11th, in the "9· 11" 15 anniversary, the U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hilary · Clinton for health reasons in advance; leave. Hilary’s campaign team said in a statement, she was diagnosed with pneumonia, and has canceled the scheduled 12 days ago to attend the event to raise funds and other activities in California. Trump said Hilary was too weak to be president. A video display, the 68 year old Hilary hurried away from the memorial scene, a number of agents to help her get on the train, she shook the body, almost fell down, knees seemingly powerless to bend. Hilary campaign said in a statement, doctors diagnosed 2 days ago, she was suffering from pneumonia. Hilary’s doctor Lisa · Bardac (Lisa R. Bardack) said: "the doctors found Hilary suffering from pneumonia. They treated Hilary with antibiotics and advised him to rest and modify the itinerary. The doctor also said: "I just checked for her, and now has a good recovery." Hilary’s campaign spokesman also said that when she attended the commemoration of heat stroke, so leave early, and then went to her daughter’s apartment in New York to rest, the situation has improved in the past. Currently, Hilary has canceled the trip to California. She originally planned to participate in a number of fund-raising activities in California and 13 in, in southern California on the economic issue of an important speech, and participate in the Alan talk show, etc.. It is not clear whether Hilary will continue to travel to Las Vegas 14 days ago. Hilary is competing with Republican presidential candidate · Donald, President of the United States to compete for the presidency, so the health of the situation caused a lot of speculation that the. Trump has been questioning Hilary’s physical condition, saying that she was not strong enough to be president, and accused her of being "exhausted" and sleeping too much. (willow) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: