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The Ministry of Civil Affairs issued: personal help information does not belong to the charity raised – public – newspaper in Beijing on 7 September, (Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Wang Yijun) the Ministry of Civil Affairs held this morning in the implementation of the law of charity special press conference, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Social Organization Management Bureau deputy director of peace in response to China Youth Daily said CY? Online reporters, the scope of personal assistance does not belong to the charity law, the media and the Internet platform to release such information should be prepared to risk warning. Ning said, personal assistance issue is a very controversial issue in the process of legislation of charity law, charity law in accordance with the implementation of September 1st, personal assistance in charity law, charity law, individuals can publish information to help in the media, as the media and other distributed information platform should be to fulfill the corresponding responsibility. The Ministry of civil affairs, the Ministry of industry and information, press and publication administration, the state Internet Information Office jointly formulated the "public fundraising platform service management measures" provisions, provide public fundraising platform services, should be the necessary authentication of the main fund-raising, to record the relevant information, to cooperate with the Civil Affairs departments to fulfill the supervision of the charity organization duty; also provides the regulatory responsibilities of relevant competent departments of radio, television, newspapers and Internet service providers, telecom operators. Radio, television, newspapers and Internet service providers, telecom operators should carry out risk prevention tips, inform the public to the public in a prominent position, this kind of personal information does not belong to the public for help charitable donation information, the authenticity of the information release by the person in charge. Ning said that the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to emergency difficult work, proposed to play a positive role in charity economic aspects trapped in poverty alleviation, the Ministry of civil affairs in the formulation of the "measures" management public charity fundraising process, considering the actual difficulties in some individuals, the disaster relief donation work of the relevant provisions the hope can make government aid and charity to better combine. The provisions of the "measures" charitable organizations and public donations to charitable organizations, the establishment of "emergency difficult" charity projects, to carry out the public offering activities, 3 aspects of work to do, the beneficiary is determined, the principle of openness, fairness and justice, to prevent the emergence of new unfair; in relief standard, set up scientific and reasonable assistance standard to prevent abuse, relief funds; charitable organizations to fulfill their responsibilities, supervision of beneficiary cherish charity property, in accordance with the provisions of the rational use of the donation donation program. (commissioning editor Shi Yaqiao and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: