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Wang Junkai and Matt show fluent English – Damon Cooperation (Figure) – Beijing, Beijing, October 10, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news team captain TFBOYS Wang Junkai buzz, students age from the practice of concern, the new forces for entertainment into the idol. And now he step into the big screen, with Zhang Yimou directing the movie "the Great Wall", recently went to New York to English exhibition publicity, appeared to do self introduction, an opening made the New York sister screaming! Wang Junkai and Hollywood actor Matt Damon attended the forum, played in the moderator, immediately with "Thanks fou coming English!" He first arrived in New York, although the translators to assist, when asked what he wanted to do out, immediately in response to the "Maybe watch the movie English (may go to the movies), fluent standard pronunciation, so that the fans screaming constantly, handsome face the East, with steady conversation, deep foreign fans, nearly 7 minutes of the film immediately pass crazy on the network. Zhang Yimou directed the film "the Great Wall", is the first English pronunciation of the 3D film, describe the British mercenary came in Eleventh Century China, found a huge the Great Wall is being built, Wang Junkai played in the film the young emperor ascended the throne. Movie Trailer recently exposure, aerial view of the picture momentum pounds?.相关的主题文章: