7 year old boy steals electric tricycle will press the old uncle – Beijing rolled into the vehicle 申威1600

7 year old boy steals electric tricycle will press the old uncle – Beijing rolled into the vehicle accident perpetrators (in) September 29th at 1:28 in the afternoon, in the vicinity of the city people’s Hospital, 7 year old boy Liu Liu (a pseudonym) driving an electric tricycle, a 70 year old man injured two. Huaxi City Reader reporter rushed to the scene, accident car parked at the scene, there is blood on the ground. "Ominously, that is a 7 year old boy in the car. Hit a big man and a woman, we carried the woman to the hospital." Passers by think this accident is incredible. It is understood that the accident car is to send milk special car, the location of the accident from the location of the milk to send about 100 meters, Liu Liuxian hit the sitting in the street Zhang aunt, and then hit the walking uncle wen. Two elderly people have been rushed to hospital for treatment. Accident owners: less than 30 seconds before the car disappeared for the accident, the owner Zhang Qing helpless. Before and after less than 30 seconds, the car disappeared, but also hit a person, or a child of the age of 7, I think how to pass." Zhang Qing is a member of the company’s distribution of milk, in charge of the area of the milk distribution, the cake will be parked in the front of the store, ask the clerk need replenishment. "I think it is parked in front of the store, I just pull the handbrake no keys, who knows the car was gone out." Zhang Qing around, no results. "Not long ago, said the accident, and I just ran to see, the child has hit a man. I was ignorant, did not expect a child to open the car, but also hurt people. He first hit the motorcycle parked in the car under pressure, woman, man directly into the car, we hurriedly lift car rescue, immediately reported to the police." Zhang Qing said he also has the responsibility. "A wrong thought in passing almost a big mistake not seriously hurt, but people will remember to take the key." Police: witness the child turn sharp driving speed of 40 yards was rushed to the scene of the accident the traffic police brigade directly under the two Zhao Qiangyun said: "I was the intersection on duty, suddenly see the opposite sidewalk an electric tricycle ran fast and is ready to call off education, suddenly saw sitting in the cab is a child. I immediately followed up, did not expect to have an accident. From the parking cake shop about 100 meters to the site of the accident, which also has a sharp, visual speed at least 40 yards." When the traffic police rushed to the scene, the child Liu Liu has been scared to cry. Immediately sent the injured to the hospital, contact the child’s mother, the child’s mother in the vicinity, it is necessary to pick up the children from school." The accident victim injured, Zhang aunt’s daughter Ms. Peng angrily, "sitting on his doorstep can hit, or hit by a 7 year old child. I am very angry, parents do?" The injured Aunt Zhang and Wen uncle is 7 years old, Grandpa Wen head scars, Zhang aunt could not move his right arm. "I sit back to the car, quickly hit up, I do not know how to hit, then the right arm can not move completely." To deal with the accident and the owner should bear the corresponding responsibility of parents in the hospital, the reporter saw Liu Liu Liu Liu mom相关的主题文章: