Man admitted to the train station next to the hotel was forced to pay prostitution to get away helmet怎么读

The man in the train station next to the hotel was forced to pay out prostitution after the video screenshot original title: the man was forced to pay out the hotel prostitution, pornography ban HeFei Railway Station next years to October 8th, a reflection of HeFei Railway Station near the dens of prostitution video triggered concern. According to the video, a man in the train station opposite a small hotel, the two women suddenly entered the room to provide services, the two sides repeatedly entangled, the man finally got to get out of the $70. In the afternoon, Hefei City Public Security Bureau News Center staff surnamed Xu told the surging news (), has paid attention to the video, the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau has instructed relevant departments to promptly investigated, and the results will be timely released through the website, micro-blog etc.. In fact, there is a long-standing problem of prostitution near HeFei Railway Station, has repeatedly been exposed by the media. Surging news access to the official website of the Hefei municipal government found that from January to July this year, the Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau has received at least three users reported that the reply is basically similar: Although repeatedly hit, but did not get eradicated. The hotel was forced to take your pants off the length of the nearly 4 minute video that happened in October 7th 1 in the morning, HeFei Railway Station exit corner soliciting accommodation in vogue, a man came to a small hotel room to rest, less than ten minutes, two strange woman burst into the room and turn off the lights. The woman in the video is the first to open the real man, and that "play good, next time". See the man refused, the woman said in the video, you let me take off your pants". The man still refused, and said he would like to rest until two in the morning will leave. The woman said, I do not care if you call me, anyway, I’m here, you give me the reimbursement of the fare, or just play". Video said, in the end, the man gave 70 dollars to get out. Difficult to cure diseases for many years in fact, near the HeFei Railway Station has been a long-standing problem of prostitution dens, but repeated. As early as 2012, "Anhui daily" reported, before the Spring Festival, has repeatedly been reported "Hotel soliciting" again, and Lowballing is the appearance, selling "pornography" is really a purpose. The report said, some small hotel is not called "Miss" not to stay, or even a "peach trap", in 2011 there were three men prostitution after being blackmailed. In January 8, 2016, Hefei District of Yaohai city has made the users reflect the reply said, since 2015, the Yaohai Public Security Bureau has organized criminal police brigade, police brigade and the public security office to carry out joint inventory remediation action surrounding places on the train station, a total of joint soliciting staff of more than and 800 people, disrupt public order administrative detention of 61 people banned; the alleged illegal beauty salon 5, 18 people in administrative detention, criminal detention of 3 people. Surging news refer to the official website of the Hefei municipal government found that this year, Hefei city government 12345 service train at least 3 times received near the HeFei Railway Station are soliciting problems to report, report the time are January, May and July, recovery units are Hefei City Public Security Bureau, reply content similar: the Plaza Yaohai Branch police station investigation, you reflect the problem does exist, the police carried out several attack, captured and deal with a number of suspected prostitution and knock.相关的主题文章: