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Li Keqiang’s visit to the lens: a sea of diplomatic wrangling victory premier Keqiang on the evening of 6 arrived in the Lao capital Wattay Airport, attend the East Asia Cooperation summit and an official visit to laos. Original title: [] a full shot of the prime minister’s visit to the South China Sea diplomatic wrangling victory premier Keqiang Vientiane for the 9 day running smoothly. Although the East Asia Summit lumpy, the South China Sea on the confrontation is inevitable, but individual countries expected "gunpowder" did not appear, but real cooperation has become the main melody of "". From Hangzhou to Vientiane, from the G20 to the East Asia Cooperation summit, staged a series of diplomatic drama, showing China diplomatic charm, but also a test of the strength of foreign Chinese. The British "Financial Times" and other Western media said, the China won a victory in the South China Sea diplomatic tug of war. [] under good chess upper hand as early as before, there are individual countries Fangchuhualai, to discuss the issue in the East Asia Cooperation summit meetings. For the complexity of the meeting, the Chinese had expected, but also fully prepared. In the Chinese held – ASEAN (10+1) summit, the ASEAN (10+3) summit and the East Asia Summit, the prime minister Keqiang the facts and truth, stressing that China is committed to working with the ASEAN countries, properly handle disputes, and jointly safeguard peace and stability of South China sea. Especially in the first meeting of the 10+1, China and ASEAN in the South China Sea through two documents, and agreed to actively promote the "code of conduct" consultations in good faith and actions to win the approval of other parties. The prime minister Keqiang attended the nineteenth China ASEAN leaders meeting. This series of achievements fully demonstrates that China and ASEAN countries are looking for the right path to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea and promote the South China Sea issue. There is a way, at the end of the East Asia Summit, the ASEAN leaders must speak the Chinese with ASEAN countries over a period of time to implement the "Declaration on the conduct of parties in the South China Sea", to promote the COC consultation efforts. Even the president of Philippines on the South China Sea issue Du Ritter special mention, but "the face" attacked the U.S. history of human rights. A few countries outside of the South China Sea issue speculation can be inopportune or inappropriate, but also failed. Work how to do? The prime minister is to fight] by multilateral meetings, the prime minister Keqiang arranged a number of bilateral meetings with leaders of relevant countries to fully communicate. 6 arrived in Vientiane on that night, the prime minister Keqiang met with Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong at the hotel. Singapore is an important partner of China in the region, as well as ASEAN – China relations coordination, the two sides before the communication is necessary. Local time on September 6th, the prime minister Keqiang in Vientiane Hotel met with Singaporean Prime Minister Li Xianlong. The next two days, the prime minister Keqiang also with Malaysia’s prime minister Naguib, Kampuchea Prime Minister Hong Sen, Russian Prime Minister Medvedev, Australian Prime Minister Turnbull and other leaders held separate meetings. Even at the time of the meeting, the prime minister Keqiang also with Duthel, the leader of phatic communion. So dense rhythm, so that these days schedule is particularly tight. The 7 day, the prime minister Keqiang after more than 10 PM) rush to the end of the event相关的主题文章: