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Chinese social security experience   global praise – Politics – recently, the International Social Security Association (ISSA) in Panama held the thirty-second session of the World Congress, "social security outstanding achievement award of excellence Chinese government, and China in recent years in the expansion of social security coverage in the highly. In this regard, experts pointed out that Chinese achieved unprecedented in the past 30 years to expand the coverage of social security, and has made remarkable achievements in many other areas of social security system. In this process, China has accumulated a lot of useful experience to share with the world, and these experiences will help promote the promotion of social security benefits to the world more people. According to the Ministry of human resources and social security, after 30 years of development, urban and rural social security system with Chinese characteristics has been basically established. The number of five types of insurance are: pension insurance for 870 million people, more than 1 billion 300 million people in medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, insurance, unemployment insurance, 178 million people, birth insurance, 182 million people. Basic old-age insurance coverage has reached more than 80%, basic medical insurance has covered more than 95% of the national. Moreover, China will strive to build a comprehensive social security system covering urban and rural residents by 2020. "Chinese made in hand to expand social security coverage performance is very prominent, on the one hand, reflected in the expansion of the social security system coverage, compared to many of the country’s social security covers only workers, Chinese social security to achieve full coverage of workers and residents; on the other hand, China social security practice achieved wide coverage, which can be seen from the number of the five types of insurance coverage and insurance." Zhu Fuling, director of social security research center of Central University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with this reporter. ISSA Secretary General Hans of Khost?? Kang Wu’s try pointed out that, in addition to the social security coverage, we also note that Chinese recently to promote the reform of social security, urban and rural integration, such as raising the retirement age, is in the new stage of opening Chinese social security development, its purpose is to ensure sustainable social security and social development with the continuous improvement of society this is also the direction of development of security ISSA advocates. China social achievements are far more than this, the Ministry of human resources and social security minister Yin Yumin pointed out that the level of China increased steadily, from 2005 onwards, for 12 consecutive years, a substantial increase in the basic pension for enterprise retirees. Urban workers and urban and rural residents medical expenses reimbursement ratio reached 80% and 70%, respectively, the maximum payment of medical insurance funds reached the average annual salary of workers and residents of disposable income of 6 times. The sample can be operated for China’s award-winning, ISSA chairman Stowe said it would further encourage governments around the world to focus on and learn from China’s experience in order to benefit their people. International Labor Organization Social Security Secretary Edith also pointed out that how to make social security expand the face of sustainable? As a populous country in China in the short term to create a basic coverage of the miracle of social security, China’s experience is worth learning and reference. "In fact, when we talk about expanding the work, if not China, the world’s social security coverage is only 50%, count相关的主题文章: