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Huang Taiji myth, means that the bigger hard – Sohu catering O2O Technology Abstract: C terminal market is tentative, the strength of the small giants began marching to the B side, full flowering, really left small catering O2O business opportunities are not many. Two years ago, was extremely popular "Huang Taiji", the two day came the bad news, was disclosed by the media a lot of factory store closed, collective home businesses. According to the Beijing Business Daily reported that in April this year, just signed a contract with Huang Taiji 8 brands of food companies, half of which have been removed from the platform off the Huang Taiji. Like 700Kcal, Huang Jihuang, Huang Zi Bao, a hemp hot, young restaurant and other catering enterprises have already rolled out in Huang Taiji. 10 production centers (ie, takeaway factory stores) have closed down 5. It’s the store offline in succession in Zhongguancun, Beijing dismantling shop, Wangjing Road, SOHO, China World Trade Center and other areas continue to spread the news of the closure of Huang Taiji stores. According to Sina News, Huang Taiji from around September 15th began to store, as of 19, the number of stores in Beijing has been reduced from 44 to 20. In the industry view, it has basically marked the Yellow River in the food and beverage O2O on the third transformation attempt failed. From the first burst of red fruit pancake Internet brand, to establish Internet brand catering to the transformation matrix, takeaway O2O platform, see O2O not catering business, now doing "Kyushu closed door, Huang Taiji in just a few years, a number of operational direction of the business, but after each transformation the push for a period of time found a problem, need to re adjust. To some extent, a series of failures and Huang Taiji’s model is not unrelated. Let’s take a look at the history of the development of yellow river. In 2012, Huang Taiji opened the first store in Beijing, SOHO fruit pancake, which start at the beginning of the vision is to become China McDonald’s, with pancake fruit as the core products, Internet operations, open stores in the downtown business district, WiFi, have relatively fashionable restaurant design, production process and cost structure transformation using pancake rolls of standardized, uniform style packaging, plus Benz, COSPLAY and so on the way out of the ordinary send pancakes distribution and marketing, Huang Taiji soon Hongbian temporarily, and millions of RMB Angel round of financing in 2013. In view of the successful experience of Huang Taiji pancakes, Huang Taiji soon not only willing to do a brand, into the 2 era, began to build the brand matrix, diversified by June 2014, except he Chang Huang Taiji, the successful operation of the "never" dumplings, Sichuan flavor of "big yellow crazy", the main Hot pot of stew "Mr. Niu stew" and "called a" little duck "happiness take food" and so on a series of brand. Huang Taiji at this stage to continue its myth, more than a year in the development of the more than and 40 chain series. June 2015 to get tens of millions of yuan A round of financing. However, the formation of a series of sub brand catering business ecosystem planning will soon face the reality of the problem, the consumption frequency is too low, difficult to mass production!相关的主题文章: