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29 provinces and municipalities toll road bill money are used where? Sohu news 29 provinces sun toll road "bill" the highest income Guangdong 19, Beijing, Hebei, Guangdong, Xinjiang and other 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government announced the annual provincial highway statistics bulletin. Reporters access to the results of the survey found that the toll road mileage is the longest in Inner Mongolia,.1 km; the shortest is Shanghai,.9 km. Toll roads accounted for the highest proportion of the total mileage of the road is 12% of Inner Mongolia, the lowest is Chongqing, for the number of 1.7%. The national average annual income of toll roads was.3 billion yuan, the highest income in Guangdong Province billion yuan, the lowest 1 billion 520 million yuan in Qinghai province. The average annual expenditure reached.2 billion yuan, significantly higher than the average income. Guangdong spending is the largest,.9 billion yuan, the total expenditure of 2 billion 70 million yuan in Qinghai at least. The 29 provinces and municipalities in the province of Anhui highway toll gap is the smallest, the largest income gap is Hebei Province, reaching.8 billion yuan. By comparing the data found that in the provinces and municipalities toll road tolls, the repayment of debt principal and interest accounted for a very large proportion, an average of more than 70%. Fujian toll road total expenditure of.8 billion yuan, repayment of principal and interest payments.5 billion yuan, accounting for 88.8% of the total expenditure for the country’s most. In addition, as of the end of 2013, 29 provinces and municipalities of the accumulated debt of the average balance of.26 billion yuan, of which the highest debt balance is Guangdong, up to.8 billion, the least is Qinghai,.7 billion. The toll road toll free.6 billion today, toll road traffic statistics department of transportation has been published in the provinces of the summary, issued a national highway statistics bulletin, announced a nationwide toll road mileage, construction investment, debt, income and expenditure etc.. Statistical bulletin shows that as of the end of the year, the national toll road mileage of 164 thousand and 400 kilometers, accounting for the total mileage of highway 3.59%. Last year, the national toll road toll relief vehicles.6 billion yuan. Year, the national toll road mileage increase kilometers, compared with the old, the turnpike mainline toll station by a decrease to a net reduction of 77. Bulletin shows that in the year, the national toll road toll revenue of.8 billion yuan, the total expenditure of.1 billion yuan, the toll gap.3 billion yuan. Compared to the billion yuan in annual revenue and expenditure gap, further widening the gap between revenue and expenditure. In addition, in the construction of toll roads, mainly rely on bank loans and other debt funds, accounting for about 60%. As of the end of the year, the national toll road construction investment totaled.5 billion yuan. Among them, the borrowing bank loans.8 billion yuan, accounting for 63.3% of the cumulative toll road construction. Where have all the money gone? Data show that China’s toll roads in the past year, the vehicle tolls income and expenditure is not proportional, but also a loss, why the gap so big? Where do we pay the tolls? Bulletin data show that debt service has been the head of the toll highway spending. Year)相关的主题文章: