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Coal and steel joint enforcement action to resolve the excess capacity achievements in iron and steel coal industry overcapacity resolve joint law enforcement action to achieve substantive results in order to thoroughly implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council to resolve the overcapacity of steel coal industry decision-making arrangements, fully implement the "State Council on the steel industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development" (of the 2016. No. 6) and the "State Council on the coal industry to resolve overcapacity turnaround development" (Guo Fa 2016 No. 7) requirements, make full use of market mechanism, economic means and legal means to resolve the overcapacity, steel and coal industry to resolve overcapacity from development work of the inter ministerial joint meeting to carry out the deployment of the land, environmental protection, energy consumption, quality and safety of joint law enforcement special operations. September 29, 2016, the national development and Reform Commission deputy secretary general Xu Kunlin presided over the joint law enforcement special action news briefing. Comrades in charge of the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of land and resources, Ministry of environmental protection, quality inspection bureau, Safety Supervision Bureau, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the relevant departments of the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau conducted a briefing on the situation of law enforcement, China iron and Steel Industry Association, Chinese coal industry association related comrades attended the meeting. According to the briefing, the joint law enforcement action mainly take the area of self-examination, media unannounced visits, the special law enforcement actions and joint inspection and other forms, through the combination of centralized inspection and random sampling, and resolutely curb illegal construction and production behavior, ensure the steel, coal production capacity, Yajian production standards, and create a fair and orderly market competition environment. In general, the special action has achieved initial results. Land law enforcement special action. The relevant regions have carried out self-examination, self-examination report submitted. The investigation, since 2013, the new problem of illegal land use of 7 iron and steel enterprises, have been investigated; the occurrence of new illegal coal enterprises question 33, have investigation; new coal enterprises illegal mining problems 54, 53 of them have been punished, the other 1 have been discontinued halt. Since February 2016, illegal mining coal enterprises 2, have been investigated and dealt with. Special action of environmental protection law enforcement. The relevant areas have been included in the special inspection of iron and steel industry focus on law enforcement. As of September 18th, the national environmental protection departments at all levels of the 1024 steel companies involved in the field inspection, check the total 5527 times, found that the existence of environmental violations 175 companies. The local environmental protection department of the illegal enterprises were punished, including the implementation of administrative detention on the liability of 3 enterprises, 2 enterprises closed down, stop production remediation 29 enterprises, 23 enterprises to limit production. Energy law enforcement special action. The iron and steel industry, as of the end of August, energy conservation supervision agencies around the completed on-site inspection work of 568 iron and steel enterprises with smelting capacity of the national, apart from a few places, all have to submit a formal report. Relevant areas have been found in the verification of the existence of 59 part of the production process energy consumption is not up to standard or can not verify the enterprise issued a deadline for rectification notice相关的主题文章: