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The man was unbearable to recover gambling debts set themselves on fire after the hospital family lost contact with the original title: Nanjing, a man set himself on fire, rushed to the hospital after the family lost contact…… The Modern Express News (reporter Sun Yuchun) September 26th at noon, a man who came to beg for money again and again unbearable, it will be moved into a gas tank in the bedroom, unscrew the gas tank valve ignition. The explosion alarm rushed to the neighbors, and immediately severely injured man rushed to hospital. Today, the modern express reporter was informed that the man was sent to hospital, the family lost contact, the patient is still in the emergency room, the hospital is very difficult. The incident is on the 26 day at 1 noon, Nanjing street, Liuhe dragon pool Liu Yingcun villagers suddenly heard a loud noise from the nearby, the explosion is more than a family came from a neighbor. When he ran to the neighbor’s home, found the two floor window still out black smoke, a neighbor found a black man ran out from behind the building covered with confusion, just ran out of a few meters, all black people suddenly fell to the ground unconscious. Neighbors found that this person is the owner of a Yu, the police quickly. Soon, the local 110, 120, 119 came to deal with. 120 emergency personnel after the inspection, found that the man was burned multiple body, medical staff immediately carried it to the ambulance, rushed to the Liuhe people’s hospital. 119 fire officers and soldiers set up a gun rushed to the two floor of the room, the room will be left by the flame extinguished, the police downstairs in the garden 10 meters away and found two fan blown Aluminum Alloy window. On the two floor of the scene of the explosion, the police also found a gas tank valve open, next to a broken lighter pieces, the whole room items to be burned almost. According to neighbors, said Yu, 39 years old, now living alone. 20 years ago, he had just married and divorced his wife; two years ago, after a friend, and a woman in Guizhou and married, but his wife married in Guizhou a few days with money and valuables left him disappear without a trace. The matter is more than a blow to the spirit of Yu, soon after the gambling. Allegedly in two years, he has owed 100 thousand yuan debt. Recently, he almost every day to pay the rent, because more than a living wage, there is no other source of income. More than a four to borrow money, friends know him gambling, did not dare to lend him, which makes him very depressed. It is said that after more than once in front of the neighbors reveal the idea of living is not interesting, the neighbors thought he was joking, not seriously. According to Jiangbei people’s hospital introduced, more than a burn in the hospital emergency treatment. It is understood that Yu was sent to the people’s Hospital of Liuhe, was rushed to Drum Tower Hospital for treatment, because the Drum Tower Hospital did not burn specialist, in September 27th, Yu was transferred to the relatives of the Jiangbei people’s hospital. This morning, the reporter went to the Jiangbei people’s Hospital, Yu lying on the bed in the emergency room, the body’s upper limbs and head burns, especially the head and face burns more serious. With eyes closed, can say some simple words, he is still awake. According to the emergency room doctor introduced, more than 3相关的主题文章: