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Dry cargo correct understanding of infant colic – Sohu Infant Baby suddenly crying loudly, couldn’t stop crying, turned red, white lips. The baby’s abdomen bilge, tightly curled, legs, cold hands and feet, no matter how to treasure the mother holding and feeding can soothe the baby, the baby finally tired or going to the toilet to stop. What’s wrong, baby? This is infantile colic, is the most common kind of acute abdominal pain in children. The illness: the onset time of infant colic: night features: intermittent crying: within 3 months of the baby, but about 10% of the incidence of infants will be extended to more than 4-5 months of the baby causes: the immaturity of the baby too full stomach discomfort caused by the excessive expansion of the baby sucking when swallowed a lot of air or cry also suck more air bubbles caused by abdominal pain and excited baby move in response to various stimuli in the intestine can cause infant colic. The milk allergy symptoms in infants: the baby crying and even cry to blush the baby belly collapse very tight, but also always kick fart cold extremities showed, risk: two stars infant colic is mainly because the baby’s intestines And nervous system development is not mature enough. Well coordinated creeping control of digestive system nervous system can not be discharged smoothly, the gas cannot intestines, intestinal gas baby, the bubble will be difficult defecation, defecation, loose stool, frequent phenomenon. Colic is almost every baby will experience the "stage", Baba mama in the face of this phenomenon in children is often unprepared, soothe colic baby, we need to "an antidote against the disease. How to deal with colic: Method 1: keep your baby in a comfortable position. Methods: two to observe the baby’s diet, eliminate allergic factors method three: you can use a towel to put the baby warm and comfortable wraps, parents can also put his hands rub hot hands the child’s stomach clockwise to do his abdominal massage. Method four: hot compress can promote the baby intestinal peristalsis Objective: hot water bag temperature is not too high for the baby clothes across the hot compress, pay attention not to direct contact with the baby’s skin. Method five: help baby exhaust. When the baby was kicking, put his hand to the baby’s feet, give him a counterforce. Or grab two legs, let the knees touch the belly, the equivalent of lying squat, can help exhaust and defecation. Methods: six available probiotics, Simethicone and relieve pain. Probiotics and simethicone also have certain effect to relieve severe colic. Simethicone, 10 drops each time, 3 times a day, before feeding directly drops into the mouth, for two weeks. But no matter what kind of treatment can only be alleviated, eradication only wait for symptoms to disappear. Simethicone can eliminate intestinal flatulence, to relieve colic, but after the withdrawal, is likely to occur again, then you can take it again. Method seven: and the baby to rest". Mom can be flat on the bed相关的主题文章: