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The Russians now have a poor? Half of the poor citizens or the original title this year: the Russians now have a poor? 24 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Russians turned back to the poor. And poverty is beyond your imagination. Look at the following data: in 2015, Russia’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate: -3.7%; in 2015, Russia’s inflation rate was 13%, in January 2016 reached 15%; in 2015, Russia’s per capita wage was 33 thousand rubles (about 2800 yuan), for the first time in history than in china. In 2016, if oil prices remain at $30 a barrel, Russia’s fiscal revenue will be reduced by 2-2.5 trillion rubles (about 1700-2120 yuan). Russia’s new "foreign media" website reported. The Russian President of national economy and the Institute of Public Administration (RANEPA) is expected in 2016, Russian citizens will have 50%, or about 70 million people become poor, earlier expectations is 30%; in 2015, this number is 15%, which is about 21 million people. Russia’s poverty standard is monthly income less than 9662 rubles (about 840 yuan). If you look at this, you probably can’t imagine how difficult it is for Russians to live. Open the news headlines: Putin is still Putin, Putin to promote a ceasefire agreement in Syria to the unknown soldier scene flowers, Putin with soldiers to play the self timer, not to attend the nuclear summit, Putin Putin…… And there are stories that you can’t see in the news. Tutu, a colleague of Kazan returned girl told me: "I go to the supermarket to buy things, more than once encountered clean clean face grandma, sorry to say, the girl can buy a" cling to me, "I’m pretty hungry…… The bus out of twenty Lu, is down one or two yuan." "Many roadside road to go unstable granny cart own potatoes or pickles, good and cheap, bought a bunch of words after they would say thank you." "But also encountered the pale uncle, in the bus station to ask people to fare, enough money turned into the supermarket to buy wine……" "The end of the month, send a message that roommate often pathetic, can you give me a chocolate, I am so hungry…… Don’t get me wrong, not greedy snacks, chocolate is a meal with Black Tea……" These are the daily lives of many Russian people. Are they different from what you think? According to the Russian state-owned research institutions all Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTSIOM) data, in December 2015, 85% of Russians said the decline in their standard of living. 37% of them said that the rise in prices led to restrictions on food purchases. How much food has gone up? The following is the data of the Russian price website tsenomer. The arrows represent the food for 1 months and 3 months (as of February 23rd): increase the price of wine in 3 months rose 25.3%, the Russians even can not afford to drink wine. David

俄罗斯人现在有多穷?今年或有一半公民变穷人   原标题:俄罗斯人现在有多穷?   苏联解体24年后,俄罗斯人又变回了穷人。而且,穷得超乎你想象。   先看几个数据:   2015年,俄罗斯国内生产总值(GDP)增速:-3.7%;   2015年,俄罗斯通货膨胀率为13%,2016年1月达15%;   2015年,俄罗斯人均工资为3.3万卢布(约合2800元人民币),史上首次低于中国。   2016年,如果油价维持在30美元 桶,俄罗斯财政收入将减少2-2.5万亿卢布(约合1700-2120亿元人民币)。 俄新社旗下的《国外传媒》网站报道截图   俄罗斯总统国民经济和公共管理学院(RANEPA)预计,2016年,将有50%的俄罗斯公民,也就是大约7000万人成为穷人,早前预期是30%;2015年,这一数字是15%,即大约2100万人。   俄罗斯的贫困标准是月收入低于9662卢布(约合840元人民币)。   光看这些,你或许也很难想象俄罗斯人的生活有多艰难。打开新闻,头条依然是普京:普京推动叙利亚停火协议、普京向无名烈士幕献花、普京跟士兵玩自拍、普京不出席核峰会、普京……   而有些故事,你在新闻里看不到。图图的同事、一名喀山留学归来的妹子告诉我:   “我去超市买东西,不止一次遇到衣着整洁干净的老奶奶,一脸歉意的说,姑娘能不能买个‘大列巴’给我,我挺饿的……大列巴十几二十卢,算下来人民币一两块钱。”   “路边很多路都走不稳的老奶奶推着小车卖自己种的土豆或者腌菜,又好又便宜,买了之后她们还会说一堆好话谢谢你。”   “不过也遇到过脸色惨白的大叔,在公交车站问人家要车费,攒够了钱转身就进超市买酒喝……”   “一到月底,室友常会可怜兮兮的发信息说,能不能给我买个巧克力,我好饿……别误会,人家不是馋零食,巧克力加红茶就是一顿饭了……”   以上就是很多俄罗斯百姓的日常,是不是跟你想象的不太一样?   另据俄罗斯国有调研机构全俄民意调研中心(VTSIOM)的数据,2015年12月,有85%的俄罗斯人表示自己的生活水平有所下降。其中37%的人表示,物品价格上涨使他们在购买食品上也受到了限制。   食品涨得有多厉害?下图是俄罗斯物价网站tsenomer的数据。箭头分别代表食品1个月和3个月(截至2月23日)的涨幅: 酒的价格在3个月内涨了25.3%,俄罗斯人连酒都喝不起了。   如今,即使在经济最发达的莫斯科,市民的工资大部分都用于日常开销。下面是图图援引自俄罗斯《论据与事实》周刊的数据: 俄罗斯人的账单   在首都之外,情况恐怕更不乐观。   不过这并不是故事的全部。莫斯科街头不止有买不起面包的老奶奶,还有数不清的豪车、富丽堂皇的高端会所。在著名的耶利谢耶夫斯基超市,一盏盏巨大的金枝吊灯从高高的穹顶垂下,近两米高的胡桃木货架上,陈列着大马哈鱼鱼子研制的红鱼子、享誉世界的伏特加,还有荷兰的生菜、西班牙的西红柿、高加索的葡萄…… 俄罗斯的富二代(上)和耶利谢耶夫斯基超市(下)   没错,这也是俄罗斯。   苏联解体后,短短几年时间里,国有资产被寡头、俄罗斯新贵收入囊中,贫富差距迅速拉大。瑞士信贷2013年10月发布的《全球财富报告》显示,俄罗斯是世界上贫富差距最大的国家。该国有1.43亿人口,但110位富豪却持有全国35%的财富。相比之下,93.7%的成年人的全部家当不足1万美元。 来源:瑞士信贷报告   这几年,油价暴跌加上西方制裁,俄罗斯普通百姓的日子越来越不好过。经济已经连续多年负增长,卢布贬值掏空了他们的钱包。与此同时,富人们在忙着把资产转移到国外。过去两年,俄罗斯资本外流总额达2100亿美元,总统普京还很“贴心”地把资本特赦的期限延长半年至2016年7月1日。   根据资本特赦法,2015年可在俄罗斯境内凭自愿原则申报国外的财产、银行帐户、有价证券,以及外企机构或外企控股机构的股票。如违法违规情况发生在截止日期前,不会被追究责任。 俄罗斯GDP增速 美元兑卢布汇率   “给我20年,还你一个奇迹般的俄罗斯。”2000年,普京在大选现场豪情万丈,泪洒红场。 普京(资料图)   如今,16年过去了。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: