Duna Usa And The Polyurethane Foam The Italian Experience In The Usa-木村kaela

Business Duna USA Inc. is the American division of Duna Group, an international player in the markets of low and high density polyurethanes foams, resins, and epoxy resins. The Duna Group, and all its subsidiaries (production units are also in Europe, in the Gulf Area and Shanghai), are leading engineering .panies, and, as innovation providers, inherited their know-how from Duna Corradini S.p.A., the premier polyurethane producers in Europe since 1957. Founded in 2001, Duna USA Inc. has its production facility in Baytown Texas , wherefrom produces and distributes its polyisocyanurate foam (PIR), polyurethane systems for pouring and spraying as well as polyurethane (PU) adhesives and epoxy resins. The Corradini technology, such as that one of polyurethane foam insulation, with outstanding thermal insulating, water proof, adhesive and fire resistant properties, meets International advanced level, and has won the recognition of the market . Polyisocyanurate foam (PIR) is a closed cell, thermoset plastic rigid foam, similar to polyurethane foam, but with improved dimensional stability, insulating characteristics, and fire/smoke resistance. Polyurethane foam is useful and suitable for many kinds of applications: from industrial insulation, to tooling (PU can replace wood, because of its similar cellular structure), to .posites (for structural or insulating panels), to sign industry (signs made with polyurethane supports remains excellently defined, and are easily customized with letters, 3D relieving, grooving, or add-ons effects), to refrigerated ground transportation. Duna Group is the owner of the CORAFOAM formula (from more than 50 years), a low density foam suitable for pipelines and equipments insulation, .and the DUNAPACK system, by which many kind of protective wrappings have been made. The DUNAPACK formula allows to create light weight, resistant and shock absorbing packaging. In January 2009, they developed the DUNAPOL system, and started the production of liquid systems for various applications mainly in the cold insulation industry (for manual mixing, manufacturing of refrigerated vehicles, petro-chemical and energy sectors). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: