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.puters-and-Technology Gone are the days when you would have a very .plicated billing procedure and your customers would have to wait till you were done with filing each entry by hand. With the new generation .puting systems, you can get everything done in a fraction of the original time required with medical billing software. All of this is thanks to the modern medical billing software. This article reviews some of the main features that would interest medical facility owners. Ledger and transaction tracking: The medical billing software enables you to keep .plete track of what is happening and how the money is flowing. You will be able to keep track of payments that are due, payments that have been made. You can keep track of insurance, payment per procedure and much. The advanced user interface design lets you do all of these things from one single screen, thus giving you total and real time control. Advanced security and audit features: The software .es with solid security options and features to restrict access to the administrative areas. This ensures that your employees only have access to the areas designated to them and you can audit everything that is going on inside your facility. Sophisticated Revenue Management: Watch as you make money with the revenue tracking features. You can keep track of money that has been collected so far, money that has been collected already and how much money has been posted. You see it divided on a daily basis spanning the entire current month. You can always visit past records with just a few clicks. Professional patient statements: Make patient statements as you normally would with the medical billing software. It does not matter what kind of statement you need, you can instantly fill in the details for the required type, like walkout or month end family statements and print it out for delivering to the customers. Efficient appointment system: Making and keeping track of appointments is made much easier with advanced appointment scheduling features. No more confusions and convoluted appointment scheduling. The software handles cancellations and queuing automatically. With features for instant recall and filling, your schedule is always full, making it easier for you to increase you revenues without changing anything perceptible. Inserting medical codes: Medical codes are essential to the claiming procedure but one wrong code can mean a rejected claim. This makes it essential to get the codes right every time but inserting the codes is a very time consuming and tedious job. The medical billing software helps you by choosing all the CPT, ICD and HCPS codes with just one click. Thus you are ensured of proper coding and proper claims settlement. This means more satisfied customers. The medical billing software is truly a blessing for everyone involved and it makes life a lot easier for those who in charge of administration. A smoother workflow also keeps your staff happy and motivated, thus increasing your overall productivity. This is why the medical billing software is highly re.mended. About the Author: By: Aaron – Some honest to goodness organizations offer you a guarantee period of the services they have offered. They have confidence in the nature of the work they convey. You can consider such offices a … By: Neal David – The literal meaning of the word "mobile" is to a certain extent lost due to the wired chargers which kind of limits the freedom of consumers to use their mobile handsets in a more optimal manne … By: smartweb – Homeowners Association(HOA) is an American corporation established by the real estate world for the purpose of marketing, managing, selling and buying ofproperties. 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