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Internet-and-Business-Online I would highly suggest that you do not let anyone you know, convince you that article marketing is dead. In fact, it is still very much alive and I will show you why. It is not easy, and it requires some thought and discipline. That being said, it is not too difficult to find ranking for a chosen keyword phrase. Then you can quickly find yourself in the article marketing domination zone. Here’s how to get into that zone. The basic steps are simply this, find a keyword phrase in your selected market or industry and frame a message around it. Sit down, write out some thoughts on how you intend to reach your audience. I suggest you teach them something. True selling .es from the belief you’re not being sold, so don’t go overboard on the sales pitch. Once you’ve located those keywords and you have created an idea for an article that teaches, or instructs your audience begin by writing some simple paragraphs. Do not focus on grammar, punctuation and flow. Just write what .es to you. You can quickly scribble and pen down those thoughts as you let them flow, and .e back a second time and revise the article until you’re satisfied with it. Make sure that you put your chosen keyword phrase within the article body at least 3-4 times, keeping in mind that you want to spread it out naturally through the whole article as Google and the article directories will pick up on your sentence structure. Remember, writing is an art form. It is also a process. The process is what makes article marketing domination possible. best-home-based-business-franchiseFollow the process and you cannot go wrong. After the framework is written, and you’ve reviewed your article at least once, I suggest using Micorsofts spelling and grammar checker to correct any issues with your phrasing. I also suggest you take into account the readabiliy of the article and make any necessary adjustments to it so that it is easily read by everyone. When you are finished with your article, it’s time to post it. I highly suggest you use eZineArticles.., as it has the greatest base of article traffic on the web. I would also post your .pleted article to GoArticles.., ArticleDashboard.. and ArticleCity.. which all have good PR and therefore good traffic. I followed these steps and wrote an article titled Best Home Based Business Franchise and within 24 hours of posting it to eZineArticles, it had ranked in the top 10 on Google for the keyword phrase ‘best home based business franchise’. See photo. It was submitted on 7-7, published on 7-15 and index, ranked and within the top 10 results in Google on 7-16. In conclusion, write well, teach your readers something and offer value. Input your keywords, publish your work and you too can see article marketing domination from your articles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: