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Sales For example, if craftsman has a broken Bosch power drill and a Black & Decker band saw with burned armature, what should he do? Should he look for genuine Bosch replacement parts and Black & Decker replacement parts in order to repair his tools? Or should he go for aftermarket spare parts that are much cheaper? To make an informed decision, craftsman must have knowledge of different types of replacement parts available for power tools. OEM OR GENUINE REPLACEMENT PARTS A Genuine or OEM part is the part that was originally put in your power tool when you bought it. If you buy a genuine replacement part, it .es in a package with manufacturers logo on it. More often than not, these parts are the most expensive and generally more reliable in terms of performance as manufacturer gives some kind of warranty. Its interesting to note that we use the word genuine replacement parts and OEM replacement parts interchangeably, however, technically they are two different things. Lets say you have a broken Bosch power drill and you need Bosch replacement parts to fix it. Now, if you are buying those parts directly from Bosch, you might say that youve bought OEM replacement parts but its not necessarily true that Bosch manufactured the parts themselves. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and sometimes the original manufacturer is some other .pany and Bosch is just getting those parts from them. Now, OEM may or may not sell the required spare parts to the consumers directly. But if they are then these parts are the best value you can get as they are the real deal with a cheaper price tag. The only thing you dont get is the logo of your tool manufacturer. AFTERMARKET REPLACEMENT PARTS Aftermarket replacement parts are manufactured by a .pany other than the original manufacturer. These replacement parts are manufactured to fit and give the same level of performance and in some cases even better than the OEM part. For example, Air Locker replacement parts fit Hitachi nailers and are available for fraction of the price. Aftermarket manufacturers purchase the rights to manufacture these parts. Sometimes, these replacement parts dont look like the original one but their performance is pretty much the same if not better than the original. These parts are sold at much cheaper prices so they give a great value per dollar. REFURBISHED OR RECONDITIONED REPLACEMENT PARTS Reconditioned or refurbished replacement parts are second hand parts that have been cleaned. Sometimes, few .ponents of these parts are replaced but they still show some wear and tear. These are quite cheap .pared to the new parts but are not re.mended if you want optimal performance from your tool. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: