Detailed Information On Diphtheria-若槻ゆうか

Alternative Diphtheria is spreads easily and occurs quickly. Diphtheria is an acute bacterial(Corynebacterium diphtheriae.) disease that usually affects the tonsils, throat, nose or skin. It is extremely rare in the United States. Diphtheria is caused by an aerobic, nonencapsulated, nonmotile, gram-positive bacillus Corynebacterium diphtheriae. t can also cause nerve damage, eventually leading to paralysis. Up to 40% to 50% of those who don’t get treated can die. Years ago, diphtheria was a leading cause of death among children. Today, diphtheria is very rare in the United States and other developed countries thanks to widespread vaccination against the disease. In its early stages, diphtheria can be mistaken for a bad sore throat. A low-grade fever and swollen neck glands are the other early symptoms. Symptoms usually appear two to four days after infection, with a range of one to 10 days. Diphtheria can also cause paralysis in the eye, neck, throat, or respiratory muscles. Risk factors include crowded environments, poor hygiene, and lack of immunization. The disease may remain manageable. Certain antibiotics, such as penicillin and erythromycin, can be prescribed for the treatment of diphtheria. A diphtheria antitoxin is also used for treatment. Antibiotics help kill bacteria in the body, clearing up infections. Antibiotics reduce to just a few days the length of time that a person with diphtheria is contagious. Diphtheria anti-toxin is given as a shot into a muscle or through an IV (intravenous line). Routine childhood immunizations and adult boosters prevent the disease. Preventing diphtheria rely almost .pletely on immunizing children with the diphtheria/tetanus/pertussis (DTP or DTaP) vaccine and non-immunized adults with the diphtheria/tetanus vaccine (DT). This vaccine should be given at two, four, six and 15-18 months of age, and between four and six years of age. A .bination of tetanus vaccine and diphtheria vaccine (Td) should be given every 10 years to maintain immunity. Adults should get another dose, or booster, every 10 years. A booster shot of the diphtheria vaccine is given in .bination with a booster shot of the tetanus vaccine. The tetanus-diphtheria (Td) vaccine is given by injection, usually into the arm or thigh. Anyone older than age 7 who has never been vaccinated against diphtheria receive three doses of the Td vaccine. Home Remeides Treatment and Prevention Tips 1. Golden Seal is a herb used in treatment of diphtheria. 2. Black walnut is also useful in treatment of diphtheria. 3. Table Salt – Plain table salt may be good remedy for toothache, sore throat and diphtheria. 4. Vinegar or blue vitriol may also be served to defeat the ravages of rashes, poison oak, etc. 5. Given a medicine (diphtheria antitoxin) to fight the diphtheria poison. 6. DPT (Diphtheria- Tetanus – Pertussis ) vaccine is very essential for diphtheria About the Author: 相关的主题文章: