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Software An SSL accelerator is the device that is used for offloading the encryption algorithms in SSL transactions. Traditionally, this individual card plugs itself into a personal .puter containing more than one co-processor that enables SSL processing. Speaking of SSL acceleration, the SSL handshake is an exclusive part of any SSL session. Here you will find the SSL client and SSL server .patible with each other on a set of parameters that help in setting up a secure connection. A small part of the SSL handshake is to be .patible with the session keys. This in turn requires greater .putational capacity over symmetric cryptography, which is used for decryption or encryption of the session information. Today the market is filled with leading IT brands delivering efficient solutions in SSL accelerators. These solutions help in offloading SSL encryption from the servers and enhance the performance of the application systems. It also brings down the server count that is needed to assist in high volume safe transaction and e-.merce processing. Apart from these, it also helps in load balancing and results in application acceleration to set up a traffic management process that is apt for any e-.merce environment. There are many benefits of SSL accelerators that an organization can enjoy. A few of them are listed below- a) SSL accelerators of high performance are used in securing information in transit, enhancing application functioning and divesting .pute-intensive procedures from servers b) Help in managing industry driven SSL client certificate, authorization, authentication and application addition c) Total operation of SSL proxy is able to act as an SSL client and SSL server d) A reverse-proxy structure with a packet-inspection firewall guides the applications without crashing down the performance e) Helps in global server load balancing, grouping about 99.99 percent uptime application, data center scalability and managing local traffic f) The data center modernization application .prises application specific templates and certifications, virtualization integration for quick consumption of optimized configurations The modern day .puting environment is heavily SSL dependent and needs much more than quick processors. Innovative SSL accelerator products help users to off-load decryption and encryption processing maintaining information transfer security simultaneously. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: