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Advertising Introduction Its no secret that distributing promotional items is a vital part of any marketing campaign. These products have been shown to improve brand recall and increase favorable impressions amongst recipients. In fact, recent studies show that companies that distribute promotional items garner a higher return on investment than those who use traditional television advertising. Perhaps this is because consumers are more willing to trust companies whose promotional items have become valued products in their home rather than businesses that hire showy celebrities to endorse their products. While many businesses understand the benefits of giveaways, even seasoned professionals can use help incorporating promotional items into their marketing campaigns. With such a vast array of goods available, how do companies differentiate between them and choose a product that is appropriate for their promotional purpose? After reading this article you will have a better understanding of how to customize promotional items for your target audience, as well as valuable resources to utilize during your decision making process. Determining Your Promotional Objectives and Market Segmentation Determining the goal of the marketing campaign is the first step in deciding which promotional items to buy. Companies can start by asking themselves what effect they hope to have as a result of distributing promotional items. The most common objectives include: increasing brand awareness, promoting consumer goodwill, garnering media attention or public relations, advertising new products or initiatives, and gaining repeat business. Establishing a marketing objective generally determines your target audience, as the two factors often go hand-in-hand. If your goal is to gain media attention, then your target audience will be comprised of journalists. On the other hand, companies that are striving for repeat business will need to examine past consumers to determine demographics. Once you have a clear idea of your target audience, you can narrow down the vast field of promotional items because many will not be appropriate your needs. The following paragraphs provide ideas for giveaways that will fit your target audience and help you make your marketing goals a reality. Promotional Items for Top Executives, Important Clients, and Loyal Employees There is an assortment of great items for top executives, important clients and loyal employees including practical office supplies and high-end desktop awards. As businessmen and women deal with a lot of paperwork, they will appreciate multi-functional items that help them stay organized and save space on their desks. Giving sophisticated awards is another way to acknowledge this market segmentation. For stylish corporate gifts, choose products made from highly valued materials, such as leather or glass, and customize them using the debossing, laser engraving or etching techniques. Giveaways for Industry Tradeshows Small, fun, and functional promotional items work well for drawing attendants to your tradeshow booth. These items will help to set your company apart from the competition and reinforce your company message. Be sure to pick a product that enhances with your business values, and customize it with your company name and logo. For durable images, try using the four-color process or screen-printing imprint methods. Promotional Products for Stay-at-Home Mothers Women – and mothers in particular – are often the decision-makers in the family, so it is important to select promotional products that they will value. Kitchen utensils and kids apparel make practical giveaways, but dont forget about promotional items for personal enjoyment. Distributing personalized pamper kits is one way to help hard-working mothers relax after a long day and show them how valuable they are, both as mothers and as consumers. Promotional Items for Teens Like maternal figures, teens have a lot of spending power and many advertisers try to target them. You can set yourself apart from competitors by giving education toys, backpacks, or sports apparel. Embroidering these promotional items or using the four-color process will create bright, fun products that will surely catch the attention of any teen. Other Resources While these suggestions are oversimplifications that do not take into account the end-users hobbies and interests, they are a good starting point for customizing promotional items to fit your needs. If the decision-making process still seems overwhelming after reading this article, there are many knowledgeable distributors who are available to answer all of your questions about promotional items. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: