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Music Michael Jackson was and remains an international entertainment icon. He was well known for music endeavors as well as acting, and being a shrewd business man who pushed the boundaries of success each time he touched a project. His level of success remained consistently stellar, often serving as a model of success outside the entertainment industry. The man was legendary in his own time. Sightings of Michael Jackson T-Shirts were proof positive that a fan had attended a concert and strove to be part of the legend. Jackson represented extraordinary success, and had a contagious allure that attracted legions who wanted to be a part of his circle. His creative projects were often unparalleled. He became the poster child of artistic success, creatively and financially. As he grew from child through adult years, his persona blossomed beyond the confines of any one music genre and became extraordinary around the world. Millions of fans were captivated. More than three hundred and seventy-eight awards were bestowed upon him. Every category of music that he .peted to win in the top music industry contests, he won. Among his winnings are 13 Grammy Awards, 26 American Music Awards, and 12 World Music Awards. Jackson won thirteen Guinness World Records, the top among recording artists. The "Thriller" album earned one hundred ten million dollars, with the Recording Industry Association of America reporting sale of twenty-nine million units. The album remains at the top of all albums sold. The Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted him. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted him two times. Jackson has received the most awards of any other recording artist in music history. Jackson also channeled efforts to the needy. He brought the spotlight to those in need of humanitarian help, and to those in need of medical research assistance. Through Jackson, these causes were personalized. He thanked his music supporters, and conducted public relations pleads for fans to lend support to select charities. For his humanitarian actions, he was honored, not by one, but by two U. S. Presidents. Numerous advertising sponsors and artists were clamoring to collaborate with Jackson. .mercial product endorsements included music video inspired, creative .mercials that the public eagerly tuned into watch. Duets with Jackson included Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and his sister Janet. When it .es to merchandise, there are thousands of items from which to choose. A person might be among his biggest fans, or casual fans. A person might be interested in collectibles as an investment. Products based on awards, movies, halls of fame, tours, albums, singles, film characters, and humanitarian efforts can be as attractive as the man himself. Although 1997 showed a drop in annual in.e for Michael Jackson, down from $35 to $20 million dollars, there is record-breaking postmortem success. In the year after his death, Jackson earned in excess of $1 billion dollars. A lifetime of groundbreaking success, would naturally translate into chart-topping success postmortem. It should have been no surprise for anyone that the legend continues to embody mesmerizing success during the after party. Jackson left to the world countless moments for celebration. His achievements can be captured, collected or shared through Michael Jackson T-Shirts, or global dance celebrations. The world is forever thrilled. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: