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Arts-and-Entertainment Use a No-Hassle Pickle Recipe Even seasoned chefs who are skilled at making main courses and many kinds of baked goods shy away from making pickles, as this culinary art has an undeserved reputation for being difficult and .plicated. Making pickles is actually fairly simple, and is rewarding as when you have bottled your own pickles you can decorate the jars and give them as presents to friends and family members who like eating pickles in salads and other food. A no-hassle pickle recipe which does not involve any tedious boiling can be found, along with a pickle-making kit. Pickled Eggs are a Good Source of Protein While some pickles are great because they impart a delicious flavor to salads, casseroles and other dishes, a good pickle can also be a convenient and nutritious snack when you are on the go. Pickled eggs offer high protein content, which is perfect for a light midday meal when you do not have time to prepare something slightly more substantial. Good pickled eggs mixed with a little bit of salad dressing with lettuce on wholegrain bread makes a sustaining snack which is healthy enough for you to enjoy it with zero guilt. Classic Dill Pickles Dill is one of the most .mon herbs used in pickles, as it imparts a delicate herb flavor which goes well with many vegetables (and also goes especially well with most fish). The classic ingredients used to season pickles are dill, garlic and pepper (for those who like an extra kick of spice). If you are making your own dill pickles, why not be adventurous and try adding an extra spice or herb, such as thyme or rosemary? You can create one-of-a-kind pickles, or can use a tasty pickle kit which has the basic seasoning needed for a great taste. What are Pickling Cucumbers? Pickling cucumbers are a special variety of cucumber which is different in size and texture to your average English cucumber. The larger varieties which are used in salads are often too soft in texture to make a good pickle, and will go mushy quickly. Pickling cucumbers are much smaller than English cucumbers (they are approximately the size of baby marrows) and have a much crunchier texture. They are inexpensive to buy, thus making your own pickles to give as gifts is a cost-effective idea, and people will appreciate the effort you have put in. Sour Pickles can be Too Sour Some people like a pickle which is kept in very acidic brine, with lots of vinegar, yet this can mask the taste of the seasoning ingredients and give you heartburn. A good pickle should have just the right amount of acidity, and when you consider that garlic and other seasoning ingredients may also add to the acidity, you dont want to end up making sour pickles which make your lips pucker up. The great thing about a more neutral pickle is that you can eat it on a wiener roll with various sauces, without ruining the taste. How to Pickle Cucumbers in Minutes When most people think about making pickles or preserves, they imagine standing over a hot stove boiling vegetables and other ingredients endlessly, but it is possible to make pickles without having to use the stove at all, if you know how to pickle. When making any kind of preserved food, it is important to use a jar which has been sterilized, as bacteria could cause your pickles to go bad in a short space of time. A kit containing ingredients which you simply add to pickles in a jar and top up with water requires very little effort for impressive results. Find a Pickle Recipe which Works for You When it .es to staple snack-food such as pickles, everyone has a different opinion as to what type of taste is idea for a pickle, and in order to find your favorite pickle recipe you can experiment with different amounts of seasoning and contrasting recipes which make use of entirely different seasoning ingredients. A pickle which is kept in a brine containing lots of garlic can be used as a substitute for garlic in cooking, and there are many other ways in which you can put your newly-made pickles to good use. Pickled Eggs, Olives and More Make Great Salad Ingredients It is always useful to have a jar or two of pickled eggs, olives, cucumbers or other ingredients which you can simply fish out with a fork and toss into an assortment of leaves for a gourmet salad. Pickles also make great sandwich fillers, and can turn a simple midday bite into something more substantial and flavorful. When you have friends or family members over to your house, you can impress them with pickles which look as though they are an effort to make and taste superb. Dill Pickles go Well with Seafood Dishes Dill is so often used to season fish that eating bread or other food flavored with dill can create the impression of there being a fish flavor to the food. Dill pickles which have just a hint of that aromatic dill flavor can be sliced up as a garnish for a firm fillet of fish, or can be kept as a side attraction in salads or served in a bowl on their own. The dill flavor will work especially well with the subtle taste of a white-flesh fish. Preparing Pickling Cucumbers You do not have to peel pickling cucumbers when making pickles, thus it really is a simple process to make these tasty garnish ingredients. It is advisable to always wash cucumbers before bottling, in case there is any dirt or any trace of pesticide on the surface of the vegetable. If you have a clean jar and you have given your cucumbers a quick rinse, everything should be clean enough for you to seal your jars and wait for the magic to happen. It is important that your jars seal tightly, for your pickles prolonged freshness. S About the Author: 相关的主题文章: