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Should Stalking Or Spying Apps Be Banned? Posted By: Robert Siciliano The words AND ldquo;spying AND rdquo; and AND ldquo;stalking AND rdquo; have negative connotations, but there AND rsquo;s a flipside to the coin: parents monitoring their kids AND rsquo; online activities and physical locations. And how about middle-aged adults keeping track of the whereabouts of their aged parents with dementia? If you fear that apps for AND ldquo;spying AND rdquo; might get banned, here AND rsquo;s bad news: U.S. Senator Al Franken is pushing for this. However, Franken AND rsquo;s proposed law will actually permit these constructive uses. His plan is to require companies to give permission to users before collecting location data or conducting any sharing of it. But suppose a real stalker poses as a concerned parent, how would the company know? And when spying and stalking apps are used malevolently, should their makers bear responsibility? Is this like saying that the company that makes steak knives is responsible for the man who used one to stab his ex-friend? However, maybe that all depends on whom the stalking and spying app company targets for customers. A now defunct maker of stalking apps targeted people who wanted to stalk their spouses, and its CEO was indicted last year and fined half a mil.

Application Security Evolving Trends Of Mobile Marketing Posted By: Kaira Evolution of technology has brought about a revolutionary change as nowadays modern day lifestyle seeks greater dependence on technology even for day to day trivial jobs. Mobile phones have made communication conquer new milestones, curbing barriers of distance and time. Mobile phones have not only changed the whole spectrum of the world but also given marketers an opportunity to reach out to the audience in a much effective manner and with a stronger brand communication. Mobile marketing can be defined as a process of planning and executing various marketing strategies devised to reach the audience through mobile devices, mostly smartphones. Mobile marketing provides customers with a brief information of goods and services in a simpler form. Andreas Kaplan has wonderfully defined mobile marketing as "Any marketing activity conducted through a ubiquitous network to which consumers are constantly connected using a personal mobile device." Mobile advertising has evolved exponentially over the last few years. The year 2014 recorded the highest number of milestones achieved in the last decade or so.

mobile app development How To Choose A Mobile App Development Company Posted By: Steve Getting around to developing a mobile app can be a hell of a task if you have one too many options and ideas to formulate. Despite the surge in the number of mobile development companies around the world, finding the right firm to work with can be quite tricky. How do you evaluate the potential partners? What criteria should you base your evaluations on? How are they going to deliver or work on your ideas? What form of development methodology do these companies follow? These and a lot other considerations will definitely be on your list. One wrong decision in selecting the mobile app company, the entire development process will go for a toss, inevitably leading to delays in shipping, bad user experiences and buggy codes. And, not to forget the loss of thousands of dollars. To set you on the right track to find the right mobile app company, we have aggregated the most pertinent points to be considered. 1. Skills of the App Developers Now how can you gauge the skills or experience of the development team at a particular application development firm? The projects/ products portfolio lends a vital clue to this query.

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Mobile App Company The Curious Case Of App Store Optimization Posted By: Steve You may have heard of App Store Optimization (ASO) and feel your brains go into overdrive! Chances are you probably have no idea what that means or that it appears pretty much the same as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), only to realize that it is not so. Despite being warily relatable to SEO, the reality of ASO is far more deep and complex. A key differentiator of ASO and SEO is what happens when a visitor or user enters the website or the app, in this case. The moment a user enters the site the purpose of SEO is over, whereas the purpose of ASO begins when a user lands on an app page and their journey afterwards. App Store Optimization in a Nutshell In short, App Store Optimization is the creation of content that allows app marketers and developers to let their app rank higher in terms of a specific set of keywords. From the perspectives of an iOS app development company, ensuring that their apps feature in the top ranks of app store searches is vital. For this purpose, a targeted list of keywords is what the mobile app company requires.

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app rank Gcl States Itexico Present At The 2014 Outsourcing World Summit To Support Nearshore Business Posted By: Sydney Hardison Lake Buena Vista, Florida, February 18, 2014 – iTexico, a nearshore software company focused on providing extended teams with highly qualified talent in the field of web and mobile app development, has announced that its CEO, Anurag Kumar will be present at the Outsourcing World Summit in Florida. Presented by The International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), the event will officially kick-off on Monday, February 17-19 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. OWS is the biggest annual conference of outsourcing professionals. Top outsourcing experts and speakers from over 40 different countries will get together this year at the summit to share their company’s experience in outsourcing to exchange ideas and leverage businesses. iTexico’s Extended Team as a Service (eTaaS) as well as extensive experience in web and mobile app development by nearshore experts located in Mexico are some of the important topics to be discussed along other outsourcing personalities for the event. Such capabilities are expected to grow substantially and leverage talent in Mexico to serve software product companies in USA in the B2B and B2C markets.

ITexico Iconapps Launched Inlight Mobile Posted By: Sydney Hardison Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2014 – IconApps, a mobile app company based in Los Angeles, focused on developing and distributing products designed to simplify life, announced the launch of Inlight, a mobile app focused on women that provides the right read at the right time – every time. Immediately featured by the App Store as one of the best new lifestyle apps, the Inlight iOS app captures the best lists and articles in the world of life, love, family and health right on your mobile device. Inlight houses a sleek design and divides its content into four categories: me time, we time, nourish and splurge. It balances life’s yin and yang by featuring articles that are relatable for most modern adults and have the right mixture of fun and informative. The app goes beyond keeping readers informed and provides a delightful user experience. Social media features allow users to share content via Facebook and Pinterest, as well as by email. Users can also bookmark content they wish to read later. "Our team wanted to build something that made the experience of staying informed effortless," said Al Eisaian, founder and CEO of IconApps.

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mobile apps development Buyers Not Looking For Branded, But Better Tablets Posted By: Jennifer Lewis We all witnessed the dip in tablets sales including iPads some time back. However, the encouraging news is the rise of "no name" trend while buying laptops. A recent report from IDC has revealed three different points. 1 "" Regarding the slow down in tablet sales 2 "" The monopoly of Apple, which is ending. The market share held by Apple is 32 percent, which was 60.3 percent last year 3 "" Consumers getting smarter and avoid running after brands while shopping for tablets This is what I referred as "no name brand" above and this trend is swiftly on the rise. According to this report, 45 percent of tablets sold last year belonged to other brands than the major ones. IDC firmly believes that this slowdown in the market is because of Apple’s delay in providing something new in its iPads. A research analyst with IDC says that the news of a launch of an Apple product attracts masses and keeps them thinking about what this new version has for them. Since, Apple has delayed the launch of new iPad; it has made people stop taking interest in tablets resulting in the slowdown of the entire market.

enterprise mobile app company Making Android Smart Devices Safer For Enterprise Use Posted By: Jennifer Lewis Android based products are not getting the acclamation they were expecting from the business sector. Researches revealed many reasons behind this but, every research pointed security as one of the prominent issues behind businesses staying standoffish from adopting Android full-time in businesses. However, IT admin and business owners have many options to address security related threats arising from various points. In this write up, I will discuss about the security of this most popular mobile operating system and measures that IT managers and business owners could take to tackle security related issues. Let us first discuss upon the very important question – what are the biggest threats faced by Android at business levels? There are many ways in which, threats related to Android could appear at the enterprise level. The most prevalent is that IT managers cannot control Android mobile devices completely. The admin cannot prohibit or authorize the apps that are being used. As a result, Android users can download apps from any app store. Apps downloaded from non-trusted resources are mostly un-vetted and do not have the necessary security measures infused in them. These apps are the biggest source of malware attacks on any company servers.

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