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6 late old man suffering from the disease in the body to climb out of hundreds of Sohu – News Net Yuanling station August 26th hearing (sub station reporter Lu Dan correspondent Wang Juan Huang Huilin) August 25th, Hunan County of Yuanling province a 6 year old man after drug treatment, the body inside the insects are killed, no worms crawled out. Different parts of the body every night climb out of hundreds of insects, like maggots, ten days ago, a strange illness scared 6 late old man Xie Bosheng (a pseudonym) unable to eat, do not panic night dream. Xie Bosheng (a pseudonym), Yuanling Zhang Jia Ping, 63 years old this year, ten days ago in the evening, the body without any discomfort, chest back, hands and feet suddenly heel have bugs drilled from the surface of the skin, some parts of 3-5, some parts of 7-8, there are hundreds, then every night insects climbed out the worms crawled out of, neither painful nor itching, only creepss, scared to thank the old man quickly came to the Yuanling People’s Hospital for treatment, the hospital deputy chief physician Liu Chunlai judge man was suffering from the skin myiasis, due to limited conditions, advised him to go to Hunan province CDC confirmed the final diagnosis was a – cutaneous myiasis in myiasis. However, crawling out from the inside of the insects, this rare medical records, or people deeply afraid. Then the myiasis in the end is what disease? Liu Chunlai: myiasis is a disease caused by some larvae of flies into the human skin. According to the different parasitic site, can be divided into the gastrointestinal tract, eyes, ear, nasopharynx, and traumatic urethral skin myasis. In China, mainly in Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia, northeast and other pastoral areas, and in the world, more than in Africa, South America and Asia and other developing countries, in fact, very rare in southern china. Dr. Liu Chunlai reminded: close contact with cattle sheep flies and mosquitoes must do protection work, to avoid mosquito bites in flies, to skin myasis prone area, you must pay attention to sanitation and hygiene, and regularly flies, flies if mosquito bites occur discomfort, should be timely visits to the hospital department of dermatology.相关的主题文章: