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A porcelain genuine and defective after a lapse of 500 years again during the two dynasties, the emperor of Jingdezhen porcelain production has two kinds of fate: after a rigorous selection, sent to the Forbidden City qualified, falling to pieces the drop selection. Yesterday, the the Imperial Palace was held into the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain exhibition. Once the hammer smashed porcelain waste after restoration, the corresponding exhibits after a lapse of five hundred or six hundred years and the collections of the the Imperial Palace together again, contrast display. The same day, "the Ming and Qing Dynasties imperial kiln porcelain — the Imperial Palace Museum and new achievements of Jingdezhen ceramic archaeological exhibition opened in zhaigong. A total of 183 sets of cultural relics exhibition Chenghua kiln porcelain Taizhi delicate white enamel, is smooth shiny, decorative themes, composition density, color elegant, exquisite painting techniques and famous. The Imperial Palace museum experts, Chenghua porcelain made such achievements, and close relationship between the Chenghua Emperor Zhu jian. The eighth emperors in the Ming Dynasty in the aspects of government although no success, but in the court art, calligraphy, good painting, and have high artistic accomplishment, resulting in a queen’s in porcelain also inevitably be literati atmosphere influence, fresh and refined. In 1970s, the ruins of the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln is located in this city of Jingdezhen in Zhushan has unearthed some sporadic Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain pieces. Since 1980s, the Jingdezhen City Ceramic archaeological research with the basic construction project conducted several local archaeological excavations of the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln site, and achieved fruitful results, unearthed tons of imperial kiln porcelain specimens become precious materials of the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln production system. With the continuous repair, on the display and publication of unearthed tiles were found, including a large number of porcelain can confirm each other and handed down goods, and hope to see the goods handed down and excavated material contrast display. The Imperial Palace Museum of the Ming Dynasty imperial kiln porcelain quantity, quality, combined with the Jingdezhen Municipal People’s government held handed down and unearthed kiln porcelain exhibition contrast, can be described as the perfect match. Such exhibition, but also let the separation of hundreds of years of imperial kiln porcelain together again. This exhibition, the Imperial Palace is in the collection of porcelain into the family, into blue and white contrast display with eight Liantuo auspicious drum three foot nail smoked furnace, blue and white stone bowl, Shou Camellia figure color of "days" Tianma map water tank, color baby play picture cup, you color grape grain Gaozu cup are the Chenghua kiln porcelain rare products. The exhibition is divided into five units, respectively — fresh and elegant blue and white porcelain, underglaze red porcelain, lightsome and beautiful — multicolored, colorful color porcelain glaze – miscellaneous, plain tricolour porcelain, uniform and pure – color glaze porcelain, far-reaching influence — after the fake Chenghua kiln porcelain, exhibited a total of 183 cultural relics set. Draw the wrong dish smashed by. Five hundred or six hundred years ago, what kind of porcelain will be what kind of ruthless hammer smashed, porcelain can enter the palace collection? Reporters at the scene to find the answer. The exhibition in a Chenghua blue and white dragon disc shape regular, enamel smooth, pure blue and white hair color, this should be included in the list to the palace, but was a hammer smashed into pieces. Just because in the bottom picture should be a five clawed dragon foot is careless who painted six claws, and the outer wall of a foot and painted dragon.相关的主题文章: