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Motorcycles Always made in the USA and 100% patriotic every Schott NYC leather or wool jacket .es with a history, a story spanning 90 years and four generations of Schotts in America. As well, the time frame spans 22 presidents, two world wars, one King not to mention the love affair of Americans and the open road. How many have left their cares behind and hit the open road in Schott leather … impossible to tell. In 1913, as Ford’s new Model T began to crowd the already bustling streets of New York City, two brothers, the sons of a Russian immigrant, went after their piece of the American Dream. Irving and Jack Schott starting making raincoats in a basement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan which were then sold by street peddlers door to door. Into the mid 1920s, when Al Capone and Babe Ruth were in the news breaking laws and records, the Schott brothers changed the way we dress forever when they were the first to put a zipper on a jacket. This totally changed American fashion, and attire. Glad we are today that the Schott brothers had the thought to utilize a zipper on one of their jackets! Innovation being the modus operandi of the times the Schott brothers targeted the motorcycle market and the leather jacket. In 1928 Irving Schott produced the first leather motorcycle jacket from his own design. At $5.50 each and named the "Perfecto" it was an instant success. This rugged and durable leather motorcycle jacket became the symbol of the American fascination with motorcycles and the symbol of freedom and the biker image. Soon the country would be thrust into a World War and the Schott brother would be .missioned by the US Air Force to produce what became the "bomber jacket" out of leather. The leather was an asset to keep the wind away from our soldiers bodies, and kept them warm at the high altitudes they flew at. Below, on the decks of the ships, servicemen utilized the Schott leather pea coats, and wool pea coats, to keep the chill of the open sea from reaching down to their bones. With WWII over and the threat of .munism put in check by MacArthur in Korea, this country was witnessing the rise of a new rebellion – one that would be fought with fast cars and Rock and Roll. In 1954, the now cult classic "The Wild Ones" featured the hot young actor, Marlon Brando, perched on his motorcycle wearing his Schott Perfecto. The subsequent spike in popularity of the Perfecto surprisingly resulted in decreased sales. The jackets were actually banned by school systems around the country because they symbolized a burgeoning teen demographic, the "hood". Over the past 50 years Schott NYC has seen new leadership and continues to grow. Styles and products have changed, and some stayed the same, as materials are modernized, changed and fashion styles have .e and gone. Schott accessories abound and are now found worldwide. Schott continues their motorcycle heritage expanding into sunglasses, bags, nylons and wools at their 100 year old factory in the New York City area. Four generations of Schott’s thank you for appreciating our quality leather products and our passion for the motorcycle jacket. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: