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The focus of the interview was criticized after the first response CNAC letter questioned – Sohu news was originally the leakage of personal information of citizens old topic, in recent months, especially due to sudden death, Xu Yuyu cheated tuition tens of dollars can buy Star flight information, as well as Tsinghua teacher cheated millions and a series of hot events once again raised public concern. October 10th, CCTV focus column on China Civil Aviation Information Network Inc (hereinafter referred to as air letter) named criticism, referring to its citizens and information disclosure related. This large central enterprises to hold the massive civil aviation information, early in August 24th by the Sohu, the public exposure of Aurora survey: as long as there are criminals from non standardized access to the TravelSky database, it may illegally obtain personal information of citizens in many aspects, and then the sale of seeking profits. Today (October 14th) afternoon, the first letter of silence after the long silence. Notice stressed that the air force has always attached importance to civil aviation passenger privacy protection, previously and now are also through technical means to improve management, strengthen the protection of passenger information. But did not disclose the illegal disclosure of personal information from the system of its citizens, for the media exposure of the vulnerability, there is no direct response or given targeted prevention, punishment measures. Aurora exposure review: Civil Aviation class information disclosure is behind the black interests of the chain in August 24th, Sohu public Aurora issued a notice of exposure to civil aviation flight information disclosure behind the chain of black interests. Baoqiang Wang was due to divorce, civil flight information leakage into public view again, and reselling Star flight information and personal information search advertising is still readily available. As low as 5 yuan, up to $, Sun Yang, Fu Yuanhui, and other stars of the identity card number, passport number, flight number, mobile phone number will easily get the number of 100 yuan. In fact, compared to the star, personal privacy information has been leaked more ordinary passengers too much, just buy a ticket on the forefoot, rear foot received "number of flights canceled, please contact the company for a refund or change" message numbers, deceived losses are often found in newspapers. Civil aviation management system of civil aviation staff and senior industry insiders to the aurora, to contain source of passenger’s name, mobile phone number, ID number and ticket number, flight number, flight time, information disclosure, there are at least five, respectively is to provide each airline ticket, provide aviation accident insurance and delay insurance the insurance company, the civil aviation management departments, large and small ticket agency and platform, and provide the information management system for the outside air of all domestic airlines, airport and airline ticket sales agent CNAC letter. It has long been questioned turned CNAC letter, because this is the predecessor to the civil aviation authority China computer information management center of the central enterprises, management of all Chinese civil aviation passenger and freight flight data, inventory data and departure control system. Which is commonly known as "black screen" the system of the civil aviation passenger reservation system (ETERM system) is often illegal illegal use. The number of public Sohu found Aurora survey, there are a large number of public rental "black system" B system of advertising online, rental price of about 300-1000 yuan per month interval, enlarge the software price of about 1000 yuan. And the seller said, load相关的主题文章: