An invigorating autumn climate to go to Hongkong to buy insurance is a new network – in the mountain

An invigorating autumn climate to go to Hongkong to buy insurance is Shan Beijing recently, a "China cup at midnight on October 29th to suspend the payment of the premium Hongkong cup card" of the news that many of the mainland to Hongkong overnight queuing to buy insurance, the sudden "suspended" notice has been the rumor, but the real interpretation of mainland tourists to buy Hongkong insurance of anxiety. In fact, in such a season to Hongkong an invigorating autumn climate, the most suitable do not buy insurance, but for the mountain. In addition to being the heart of the Xigong Island, Lantau Island, today recommend a few worthy of a good place. Hongkong Longji hiking trails, has been "Time" (Asia) is chosen as the best city in Asia is very easy hiking trails, walking routes, many hiking enthusiasts very love go. Because the way the level of undulating hills, like a distant view of a bone ridge, prostrate on the mountain dragon, named longji. You can enjoy the South Sea Chinese, Shek O, big wave Bay, Stanley and big lake area beautiful mountain scenery along the way. The lion mountain is a famous landmark in Hongkong, 495 meters high, shaped like a crouching lion. Because it is located in the central part of the country, it can be seen in many places in Kowloon and the new territories. The lion mountain on the rock, is the famous landmark in Sha Tin District, in 2007 the "treasure of natural beauty – the most beautiful Hongkong rock rock election campaign, the rock won the first. The lion mountain can be said to be witnessed the changes in Hongkong, especially the early television drama "under the Lion Rock". At the time to work hard for a living and public appearance, let Hongkong people have a deeper recognition of it; so many people say that lion is a symbol of Hongkong spirit. Lantau Peak is also called the lantoushan, Hongkong is one of the ten major scenic spots, after the big hat mountain, Hongkong is the second peak, the main peak is Phoenix, Phoenix mountain side for the two peaks, often lingering clouds, towering magnificent, proudly stands on Lantau island. Because the terrain is prominent, so Lantau Peak is a popular place to watch the sunrise in Hongkong. General winter fog is not large, thin clouds, the vision will be more clear, is the best time to see the sunrise climbing. To watch the sunset in Hongkong, Dongshan is the preferred location. The English name is Sunset Peak (Sunset peak), which shows the beauty of the sunset. Located in the mountains of South Lantau, 869 meters above sea level, west of Lantau Peak, Hongkong is the third highest mountain. The mountain was covered grass, in the sun, the grass like golden rice, charming scenery. Sai Wan is one of the minorities in Hongkong city away from the beach, its white sand in the mountains, has been hailed as the "Pearl of the Xigong peninsula". Sai Wan is located in the Xigong Peninsula in the East, by four beaches (West Wanzhu, Xian Tian Wan, East Bay), four seasons due to strong wind waves surge high and sweep forward, was named "Big Wave Bay", which is the longest and most famous Xian Wan wan. A sharp four Bay (a tip refers to the sharp peak) is one of the four wonders of Hongkong. The remote, big wave bay to maintain its unique natural landscape, Hongkong is a land of idyllic beauty. Want a glimpse of the natural scenery in Hongkong, you can choose to visit the Big Wave Bay, watch the sky scenery. Beacon Hill is Kowloon, Hongkong相关的主题文章: