Andouble said Japan has the responsibility to promote the freedom of the Pacific Ocean to refute Chi zznba

Andouble said, has the responsibility to promote the freedom of navigation refuted the Chinese Xinhua news agency in Nairobi on 28 August, (reporter Wu Baoshu, Nintaus) for the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo at the sixth session of the summit on non so-called inappropriate remarks about ensuring that the Pacific and India ocean for freedom of navigation, the foreign ministry Deputy Minister Zhang Ming rejected 28 days. In the non summit held in Kenya capital of Nairobi 27, the opening ceremony, Andouble said, India, the Pacific Ocean between Asia and Africa, Japan has the responsibility to promote the two seas to become the "freedom of navigation and respect for the rule of law" area. In this regard, 28, was invited to attend the closing ceremony of the summit on non Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming told reporters that in 2015 non trade amounted to $180 billion, a considerable part of trade between China and Africa is to rely on the sea, is to go to India ocean and the Pacific Ocean, in addition to non trade, China and in the East, China and European trade is to go this route, over the years, the freedom of navigation in this area never had a problem. Zhang Ming said that the Japanese government in Japan before the summit of a high-level meeting on the so-called freedom of navigation has been put forward, showing a strong desire to make Japan’s non political summit. In the high-end meeting, all African countries speak the unanimous opposition, refused to make the meeting Japanese politics, eventually had to compromise, to remove the relevant content from their draft proposal, which indicates that the fair mind. Zhang Ming stressed that Africa’s current main task is to develop and improve people’s livelihood, some people have to interfere in other areas of the development of Africa is wrong.相关的主题文章: