Ang Lee the movie is going to change the movie is expected to release a high version of ” Billy

Ang Lee: a change in the theater is expected to put the high version of the " film; Billy Lynn " according to the time of September 22, 2016 reported recently, director Ang Lee told Taiwan "the world" magazine interview, stood four years ago at the box office and the 3D movie awards sweep "life of Pi" based on the Ang Lee film making up people the unprecedented height, even higher than the global little commercial cinema can have enough advanced equipment to show. It is understood that the current may be New York, Losangeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, five cities in the theater, will invest in new equipment to play the highest specification version of Billy ·, the war in the midfield of the. The following is Ang Lee accept Taiwan "the world" magazine excerpt: this time Ang Lee is radical. Behind the elegant smile, gentle words, is holding its own name and talent, to stimulate the global film creators and audience’s determination. For Ang Lee, "Billy. The high technical specifications of Lynn midfielder with the history of war" has never appeared, depicting a new era in the new movie and some of the preliminary. He is the master of the film, the film is the students walk between these two roles, burst out of the enthusiasm and hard, let others feel uneasy but also therefore deeply. His gray hair, wearing a simple T-shirt in the New York studio, for the "world" reporter from the basic principles of the 3D movie, tone sounds very patient, but in fact, feel his heart. Size is too high, the effect is too new, too little experience not just in the screening room in twenty-two minutes, like without the screen and was abruptly pulled into the scene, looking across the mortar to the left of the wall to smithereens, on the right side of the face, the sweat scared teammate veins emerge. If the cinema is a battlefield, so who do not think that international directors such as Ang Lee, the commanding general, summon wind and call for rain, but Ang Lee said they like in the trenches to hide the shells soldier, but also take care of brothers. But no matter how to move in mind, with the goal to physical consumption. When interviewed, Ang Lee looked haggard, had flat gland inflammation a week isn’t good, but asked him what he would answer, no director. He discussed the effects of different screen sizes in the studio with the light regulator, and the film distributor and the New York Times, hungry, with a sandwich in his mouth, as if there were one hundred things waiting for him. Now the high specification, just to build a low standard of the future, "this film has Oscar’s award-winning pressure?" Avoid or ask. "As long as people can see, you introduce, I will be very happy. New things do not know how people will look at, and then Oscar should look at a specification version? Ha, don’t think about it first." Perhaps for Ang Lee, the world can not do without him, only he can not think of. The following is an interview summary: Q: why in the "juvenile Pi fantasy drift", the choice of "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" this movie? But also with 3D, 4K high quality, 120 per second rate of this breakthrough in the past, the new technical specifications? (Note: the film is connected to a frame picture.相关的主题文章: