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UnCategorized We never can have too many friends! For me – I love having friends because it gives me a person to always be able to drag someplace with me – like the movies. But it’s also nice to have a lot of friends because chances are they will all have their own personalities and be interested in different things. Take Amy for example, she is one of my friends I met back in FL and we have stayed in touch ever since then. She is a HUGE surfer so any time I’m in FL that is what we do — its our "thing". Up here in PA we don’t have oceans so we do a lot of sports or adventure type stuff like mountain biking, mountain climbing, repelling, or hiking – I have friends for those occasions as well! It doesn’t matter if you are an outdoorsy person, you like art, music, movies – you gotta have a friend to share all that with! If you are looking for a few new friend then you might want to start considering the free classifieds. I know this probably seems a little odd at first but it does work and it does work quite well! The only thing I suggest is that if you do meet an activity partner make sure you get to know them a wee bit and make your first meet some place public! The classified ads are easy to post in. Simply look for the Personals or Relationships section of the website and you should see some sort of a link pertaining to "activity partners" or maybe "looking for friends". Something relevant towards that. Once you click that link you will be asked to enter in your location and then you will find different people that have posted a free ad looking for someone such as yourself. All you have to do is find someone you like or that "sounds" good and reply to them right through the form on their post. Super easy! But that’s not all. You can also post free ads on these sites as well. I would choose this option personally because, then I can say exactly who/what I am looking for and then all my hard work is done. People will see my ad and reply to me if they think we would fit as friends! You can even go a bit further if you need a friend for a specific occasion. For example, a few years back I used one of these "friend finders" when I was going on a trip to the Andie’s and I didn’t want to travel alone. All my friends were busy at the time, but I already made all the plans and I was so excited! So I went on a classified ads site, posted an ad for who or what I was looking for and I had a few dozen people emailing me for about a good week. Finally, I met a really nice person and we had an awesome trip! It is worth the time – and it only takes a few moments! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: