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Beijing behind the 67 leaders big meaning – Sohu news just after the Spring Festival, "51 government departments of the municipal government and the 16 district leaders will usher in a" annual examination "– 2015 annual performance review service under test. In accordance with the requirements, each unit statement time limit ten minutes, the report format is unified as "overall situation", "main practice, innovation measures and effectiveness", "existing problems and causes analysis" three parts. This year Beijing officials will highlight where? What is the profound significance? And listen to justice Jun (ID:bjrbplb) to your analysis. Such a big parade, you have seen? When the national capital Beijing’s top philanthropist, honest prospective, strong innovation mode, it can be said is in the forefront of the country. From the specification point of view, the entire municipal government leadership to listen to the report, some members also served as the examiner, a high degree of attention; from the area, the administrative departments of municipal staff in the column, the district government is also included, wide coverage; from the system, the evaluation standard in accordance with the characteristics of departments not sticking to formalities, "tailored" that reflects a higher level of fairness in difference. Two days down, the results of each evaluation object experience can be displayed, the problem short board will be continuous tracking supervision, and reflected in the next year’s evaluation. This move really tough action, worthy of praise. The meaning of the examination, you read it? Compared to the form of evaluation itself, it reflects the governance thinking is more valuable. Self anatomy and learn from you, we feel that the government departments welcome the sincerity and race each other. Whether the government departments work in place or not, the people see the most clearly, the most critical power; what constraints exist in practice, the Department of the brothers feel the most real, most have the right to speak. Based on this, this year’s examiners constitute a more diverse, not only representatives of the NPC, CPPCC members, as well as ordinary people, experts, scholars, media people. The scientific judgment and the gold content of the achievements are greatly improved. It is of positive significance for the government departments to accept social supervision and enhance the transparency and credibility of the work. And you "number one" as both candidates when the examiner, let honest from a work out, for a rich learning exchange. This kind of governance thinking innovation is the proper meaning of the modernization of governance system and governance ability. The "examination" have more current governance innovation, comprehensively deepen reform tide from the potential, when the stream water, is needed to narrow wins checkpoints, government departments face more responsibility and more pressure, especially in need of such innovations. Focus on the development of Beijing at the present stage, whether it is from a factor driven to innovation driven change, is to solve the "urban diseases" and other prominent contradictions, all of them are hard row to hoe, old ideas, old way has failed. We must take a long-term view, the development of top-level design more scientific, process control more accurate grasp of rhythm, more powerful, emphasizing the end of governance implementation, effective. Is in a nutshell, keep pace with the times, set up at the actual needs of the modern system of governance, we urge the government to strengthen the sense of responsibility, improve the administrative efficiency and level of management. As a system of performance appraisal system some suggestions, we.

北京67名一把手大考背后有深意-搜狐新闻  春节刚过,市政府51个部门和16个区政府“一把手”就迎来了一场“年度会考”――2015年度绩效考评述职述廉。按照要求,每个单位陈述时间限定十分钟,报告格式统一为“总体情况”、“主要做法、创新举措及成效”、“存在问题及原因分析”三部分。这场京官年度会考亮点在哪儿?又有什么深远意义?且听公道君(ID:bjrbplb)给您分析分析。   这么大阵仗,您见过吗?首善之区当有首善标准,北京的政府述职述廉模式前瞻性、创新性强,可以说走在了全国前列。从规格上看,市政府领导班子全程听取报告,一些成员还担任起了考官,重视程度高;从范围上看,市级行政机关全员在列,区政府也被纳入其中,覆盖对象广;从制度上看,考评标准不拘一格,按照部门工作特性“量身定制”,差异中体现更高层次的公平。两天下来,各个考评对象的成绩经验得以展示,问题短板将被持续追踪监督,并体现在下一年的考评中。如此动真碰硬,值得点赞。   会考的深意,您读懂了吗?相较于考评形式本身,其反映出的治理思路更为可贵。自我解剖、从谏如流,我们感受到的,是政府部门欢迎监督的诚意和你追我赶的劲头。政府部门工作到位与否,老百姓看得最清楚、最有评判权;实践中存在哪些掣肘,兄弟部门感受最真切、最有发言权。基于此,今年的考官构成更加多元,不仅有人大代表、政协委员,还有普通群众、专家学者、媒体人士等。评判的科学性、成绩的含金量大大提升,对政府部门接受社会监督,增强工作透明度和公信力,积极意义明显。而各位“一把手”既当考生又当考官,则让述职述廉从一次自身工作的梳理,丰富为一次交流学习。这样的治理思路创新,正是治理体系和治理能力现代化的题中应有之义。   “会考式”治理创新还得再多些当下,全面深化改革大潮起势,会当中流击水,正需夺隘闯关,政府部门面临的责任更重、压力更大,尤其需要这样的创新之举。着眼北京现阶段的发展任务,不论是实现从要素驱动向创新驱动的转变,还是解决“大城市病”等突出矛盾,个个都是难啃的硬骨头,老思路、老办法已经行不通。我们必须从长计议,制定更科学的顶层设计,进行更精准的节奏把握、更有力的流程控制,强调抓落实、讲实效的末端治理。一言蔽之,就是与时俱进,建立起剑指实际需求的现代化治理体系,不断督促政府部门增强责任意识,提高行政效率和治理水平。   提点建议绩效考评作为一种系统性的制度安排,我们的探索才刚刚开始,还有不少细节需要在实践中进一步完善。比如,在有限的时间与统一的要求之下,如何更充分地展示考评对象的个性亮点?跨领域的兄弟部门之间互相打分,如何确保公正准确?好的开始是成功的一半。大胆试、大胆闯,将这样的创新意识融入各项工作,有助于推动形成生机勃勃、全面开花的新局面。相关的主题文章: