Beijing – VIDEO – Beijing’s Lugouxiaoyue full moon Olympic champion and 77 incident witness together cibi

Beijing – VIDEO – Beijing’s Lugouxiaoyue full moon: Olympic champion and 77 incident witness point lights Qi Beijing "Lugouxiaoyue full moon: Olympic champion and 77 incident witness Qi home lamp [comment] is a mid autumn festival, September 15th, Beijing Lugou Bridge side rentouzandong Wanping when lighting towers. Beijing’s Lugouxiaoyue Mid Autumn Festival debut in the reunion night, also attracted many people to participate in. The newly established "Lugouxiaoyue theme attracted many customers to visit the post office. Among them, in the Mid Autumn Festival moon? Special Postcard fukuma 10000 "as the theme of the sought after by everyone. At 7:30 in the evening, "looked? Country love" for the first time in the autumn poetry on antique wanpingcheng upstairs. A reciter with classical "singing", "Prelude To Water Melody Lugouxiaoyue", "nostalgia", "Xujiahui my thoughts." the classic poetry, supplemented by modern dance, storytelling and other forms, and with the sound and light effect transform, attracted the audience praise even. The same period [] (Mid Autumn Festival will be the audience Anke) I see today’s program, I think we now pay more attention to the harmony between people, more attention to the reunion. Make our country more powerful, we feel that the country is strong, we can get together and live a peaceful life. [comment] the Rio 2016 Olympic champion Cao Yuan, the "77 incident" witness Zheng Fulai and other guests together in the moon light. The guests will be the moon lights into the China traditional red lanterns, lit the lamp has its name to write home. At the same time, on both sides of the tower lamp hundred red lanterns are lit, composed of "Bai Jiaxing lamp array, transfer the mid autumn blessing for thousands of households. Zheng Haiyang reports from Beijing相关的主题文章: