Ben Nevis

Outdoors There is a charity close to my heart so I made the decision that it was about time I did something to raise funds on their behalf. I log onto their website and see they have a variety of challenges, the one which looks to be perfect for me is the Ben Nevis Challenge. Following some consideration I sign up, and a few days later a bit more detail comes, which includes a exercise plan and top tips for raising cash. The weeks pass fast and my training and fundraising are proceeding very well, when the date arrives I journey up to Glasgow (our collection point). We traverse through the magnificent scenery, having a short pause at Loch Lomond, until finally we arrive at the inn and are offered a period to get settled prior to a briefing. In the briefing we meet up with the guides who intend to accompany us up the mountain, they clarify the itinerary for tomorrow, the course well be using up The Ben and then complete a gear check. Basic pieces being walking boots, plenty of clothes, hiking trousers and waterproofs. We all next go to have dinner when I become familiarised with the group even more, we opt for an early bed-time and go to bed by 10pm we have got an early start tomorrow. Early the following morning and The Ben awaits, I packed my equipment the night before but perform a last examination that I have got all that I require. I collect the packed lunch the lodge has made and nervously embark into the coach. There are mixed feelings within the team whilst we are driven the couple of kilometers to our setting-off place. The most-senior guide gives a swift pep talk and we are away, to begin with the entire crew stays together but in the end we filter in to a few groupings, fast, not very fast and one in the middle. I fall in to the slower group, I could push myself to catch up with the in between group but I have made friends with the slower hikers and the leader, she is good at keeping us on track but not impatient. As we start to ascend higher it feels significantly chillier, I am glad I brought considerable layers. It seems really like a very long trek now and people keep enquiring just how much further, the guide’s answers remain vague despite this we keep going, the quick team are already on their way back down and spur us on with their best wishes. Ultimately we near the summit, perhaps as well because Ive run no more layers (as I am putting my final one on I see a person in shorts and t-shirt, madness!) after which we are at the top. Sadly the cloud is low hence we cant enjoy (the alleged!) stunning sight, this doesnt demotivate us however as weve finished it! We take the expected pics and contact or text loved ones with the news. After a precious few mins it is time to go down again, encouraged with a relaxing shower, a bar meal, a couple of glasses of wine and a relaxed snooze. Alas one of the group slips and strains her ankle, we all want to stay by her but the guide radios onward for another leader to rendevous with us down the route and urges the rest of us to leave. Quickly enough were at the bottom once more together with the guides taking snap shots at the end. Im overjoyed that I have completed it, despite the tough trek and the aching limbs I vow to be back some other day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: