British Olympic delegation to go home the same as the baggage airport silly confused

The British Olympic delegation to go home the same airport luggage innocently tell – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, according to foreign media reports, with the Brazil Rio Olympics ended, the athletes have returned, British athletes holding 67 medals, and 900 red backpack as like as two peas when they go home, the take the luggage at the airport shaleyan, the "sea", which is your luggage? 23 pm local time, a large number of British athletes took the opportunity to arrive in the UK, but from the real home, they waited for a long time, because they can not find their luggage. British Olympic delegation to the athletes to provide a unified style of red luggage, which led to the airport baggage when the chaos. Windsurfing silver medalist Deng Puxi (Nick Dempsey) in the social networking site to upload their own luggage to find a face distressed photos. Other online photos can be seen, they also busy looking for their luggage, gold at the rowing competition in langridge (Matt Langridge) also complained said: "to find my luggage is more challenging than contest." A sharp eyed reporter found, judging from the athletes early message, there are people spent nearly 4 hours before leaving the airport.相关的主题文章: