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College-University The Symbiosis Institute for International Business, Pune is a premier institute for students who want to build a promising career in the domain of International business. With the world heading towards a globalized business scenario, it is important for the new age professionals to familiarize themselves with the rules of international business. This makes them eligible for opportunities on the international level and also prepares them to take on the challenges of the corporate sector in a more organized as well as efficient manner. Currently, SIIB is amongst the top notch academic institutions when it comes to pursuing the MBA in International Business in India. Preaching a curriculum prepared by industry experts and leading academicians, SIIB offers students a chance to pursue their post graduate program amidst state of the art infrastructure and a learning environment that enhances their abilities. Every year admissions to the SIIBs MBA in IB program happens through the SNAP test wherein applications are required to apply for SNAP and separately register for SIIB as well. On the basis of the SNAP test score, eligible candidates are invited to the SIIB campus for a round of group discussion and personal interview that follows. Final merit list is declared in accordance to the scores in each category. The purpose of this admission procedure is to select students with genuine interest in the field. Admissions to the latest batch for the year 2015 2017 are now open and those interested can simply log into for further details. For those of you who are confused about choosing the MBA in IB as a post graduate option, here are a few reasons how the SIIB program can help you build your career. Business without boundaries: International business is all about letting your business traverse boundaries, isnt it? The MBA in IB by SIIB helps you understand the nuances and prepares you for your role as future managers in several business which may be restricted by size but not by reach. In simple terms, you be.e eligible for opportunities in India as well as abroad due to your ability of understanding the policies and trade in a more efficient manner. The Symbiosis tag: Having the Symbiosis tag to your resume helps in increasing its weight as well as creating better opportunities for you. World class learning infrastructure: In addition to the feedback from the industry experts, the SIIB curriculum is taught by highly experienced faculty. The program also consists of internship as well as training that guarantees a better exposure to the corporate world and ultimately works in your favour by making you eligible for better job opportunities. Placement assistance: As part of its training, SIIB also provides placement assistance wherein the institute utilizes its rapport with leading .panies to encourage them to .e forth and recruit more and more talent from the SIIB campus. Therefore, the MBA in IB is an excellent way to give your career the much needed boost in the ever evolving business scenario. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: