Canon 80D parameters, appearance exposure visual field rate or up to 100%-masa-c

Canon 80D parameters, appearance exposure visual field rate or reach 100%, according to digicame-info reported, high attention Canon EOS 80D appearance has been exposed, followed by a technical parameter rumors. The appearance is similar to 70D, and not too much change, but the technical parameters of rumors of surprise, or it is reported that 80D will use 45 point autofocus system, 45 point AF was Canon’s flagship model standard, if the "decentralization" to two digit models, will be a big selling point, of course, there may be 45 points the new AF system design; 80D viewfinder vision rate may reach 100%, or this will be Canon’s first reached 100% view rate two digit models. In addition, the rumors of time-lapse photography and other functions are also very interesting, increasing the playability of this series of models. EOS 80D EOS 80D EOS 80D spy spy spy EOS 80D specifications are as follows: the rumors or will use the 24 million 200 thousand pixel APS-C size CMOS sensor; may be equipped with dual pixel CMOS autofocus system; 7 seconds continuous; real-time viewfinder mode under 5 seconds continuous (AF tracking mode); 45 point autofocus system; 7560 pixels RGB+IR photometric sensor; primary ISO100-16000; no stroboscopic photography; the viewfinder vision rate will reach 100% or 3 inches LCD flip; touch screen; 1080p 60fps video; delay photography; HDR; Wi-Fi; art filter effect; NFC; remote shooting. · editorial: Canon EOS 80D parameter rumors and more comprehensively, the exposure of the rumors, we are very concerned about the sensor pixel includes a focus on quantity, and the viewfinder field of view, some are just surprise, if the official release of EOS 80D technical indicators consistent with the rumors, so the machine may 2016 is APS-C format SLR camera in a dark horse.

佳能80D参数、外观曝光 视野率或达到100%   据digicame-info报道,关注度极高的佳能EOS 80D外观图已经曝光,随之而来的还有一份技术参数传闻。该机外观与70D类似,并没有过多改动,但技术参数传闻令人惊喜,据悉80D或将采用45点对焦系统,45点对焦是当年佳能旗舰机型的标配,如果能“下放”到两位数机型,将会是一大卖点,当然也有可能是全新设计的45点对焦系统;80D取景器视野率可能达到100%,这或将是佳能第一台达到100%视野率的两位数机型。此外,传闻中的延时摄影等功能也非常有趣,增加了该系列机型的可玩性。 EOS 80D谍照 EOS 80D谍照 EOS 80D谍照   EOS 80D规格传闻消息如下:   或将采用2420万像素APS-C尺寸CMOS传感器;   可能会搭载双像素CMOS自动对焦系统;   7张 秒连拍;   实时取景模式下5张 秒连拍(AF追踪模式下);   45点自动对焦系统;   7560像素RGB+IR测光传感器;   原生ISO100-16000;   无频闪拍摄;   取景器视野率或将达到100%;   3英寸LCD翻转触摸屏;   1080p 60fps视频拍摄;   延时摄影;   HDR;   艺术滤镜效果;   Wi-Fi;   NFC;   远程遥控拍摄。   ·编辑观点:   佳能EOS 80D的参数传闻越来越全面,此次曝光的传闻包含大家非常关注的传感器像素、对焦点数量、取景器视野率,而这几项恰恰都给人带来惊喜,如果正式发布的EOS 80D技术指标与传闻一致,那么该机可能会是2016年APS-C画幅单反相机中的一匹黑马。相关的主题文章: