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Health This year ushered in a vast sea of code changes that has affected every practice in some way or the other. In fact, even you must be struggling to find out the top cardiology CPT codes , most sought after ICD-10 documentation strategies for top ICD-10 codes, and key tactics to help you reduce denials and increase reimbursement in 2013? If ever-changing payer policies, new protocols, stringent state & federal regulations, continual threats of payment cut plaguing your claims submission and billing work, then you need to sit-back and think of a better way to help yourself. Amongst all the challenges that you face every day, there may be multiple reasons behind improper coding, billing and documentation of cardiology services. For instance, many coders get confused about which add-on codes to pair with primary codes when CPT introduced new codes for pacemaker revisions. At times, coding peripheral vascular services in addition to cardiac catheterizations can leave you puzzled? This is the time to ensure you arent writing off potential income and not setting your cardiology practice up for serious scrutiny and unpleasant payback requests. With so many uncertainties hovering around you, you need to gear-up now to ensure that you arent making any of the common mistakes that befall coders, and you can maximize your income to hopefully offset the upcoming cuts. But you can easily set yourself up for a profitable start to 2013. The Coding Institute offers various helpful coding resources and tools that will assist you in correct coding to keep your practice compliant and profitable. Take a giant leap forward in coding correctly and boosting reimbursement with SuperCoder Illustrated for Cardiology 2013. Arm yourself with all the essential coding information you need to tackle any coding challenge in 2013 and stay on course to a profitable and compliant year ahead! This handy book contains features like code descriptor and Medicare details, up-to-date codes and CCI edits, step-by-step anatomical illustrations, CPT codes Medically Unlikely Edits (MUEs), ICD- 9 & ICD-10 CrossRef to take care of all your coding needs. Youll get everything you need to know for each cardiology CPT code, on one page! You can easily carry this book around and look-up code info whenever you want. Get ICD-10 updates, CPT codes updates and other valuable information to overcome any coding or billing challenge and ensure a smooth sailing for your practice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: